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HIV campaign disagrees with media link between David Dimbleby’s scorpion tattoo and gay men with HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Homophobia is alive and well …… especially in the salacious, alarmist scum press.

    1. Not so much homophobia as a media culture in which stories are immediately rewritten and recycled without fact checking or any kind of journalism. Journalists are expected to publish, publish, publish, and simply take a story from one source and turn it into their ‘house style’ sending it to the editor. Pink News themselves work in such a way, and I think we’ve all seen stupid non-stories (Lady Gaga sneezes, some random, completely unimportant guy in Alaska makes homophobic comment) published on this site too.

  2. LeatherNun 13 Nov 2013, 1:40pm

    Biohazard symbol – that seems to be used by some men as an indicator of HIV status (although I did come across one young lad sporting one who thought it was a celtic symbol). A scorpion, never seen that as an indicator, at least in Europe, but I wouldn’t bet against it becoming one after this report.

  3. I wonder how these things start sometimes. It reminds me of the rumour mill of male piercings in the 80’s and dropped saggy pants in the 90’s. Both incidences are not quite the same as this one as they didn’t involve infection. But whether true or not, they were seemingly driven by no particular interest group and were met with varied degrees of reaction, be it shame or embracing the practice or by the average Joe who didn’t gave a ***k and just liked piercings and dropped saggy pants.

    My husband is a Scorpio and has a small tattoo. I’m pretty sure telling him this will have him raising an eyebrow… and then no longer caring about it. *grin*

  4. i wonder if who ever designed that tattoo is aware that scorpians have 8 legs + their pincers and not 6 (they’re the same family as spiders) but nevermind hehe

  5. Gil Robison 13 Nov 2013, 3:37pm

    In the US I had not heard of a scorpion tattoo as representing having HIV, but have known a few HIV+ men who have the bio-hazard tatt. For them it was not so much to warn others, or a way to open discussion of their sero-status as it was an in-your-face statement about who they are, that they are not ashamed of having HIV, and are committed to the fight to end the epidemic

  6. Ian Bridgen 13 Nov 2013, 4:10pm

    As a gay man with a scorpion tatoo on the arm as well as having been stung by one on the shoulder years previous exactly where Dimbleby has his, I can say this is a false news story. Ignore it.

  7. if it wasnt for the fact i actually have a brain id be scared sh*tless now purely because i had a ‘relationship’ with a guy who had both a bio-hazard sign and scorpion tattoo, these papers are just scare mongering to the more gulable people in this world.

  8. Jamie Rowntree 13 Nov 2013, 8:52pm

    and what about all the thousands of guys out there that have a scorpion tat on there shoulders because of there star sign, straight and gay.

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