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US: Florida senator set to feature as keynote speaker for ‘gay cure’ therapy fundraiser

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Reader comments

  1. Beelzeebub 12 Nov 2013, 2:11pm

    From Wikipedia:

    “Rubio attends Christ Fellowship, a Southern Baptist Church.[72] in West Kendall, Florida,[73] as well as Catholic services.”

    Enough said..

    Pity he doesn’t listen to his pope though…

  2. There’s a reason these closet cases are so defensive of so-called ‘gay cure’ outfits. It’s the same reason a reformed alcoholic is defensive of drying-out clinics – you never know when you might need one. These people live in such dread that their suppressed gay feelings will one day burst forth that they want to preserve the possibility of a gay ‘cure’ for when it happens. Why can’t they just accept who they are and come out instead of projecting their self-loathing onto others ……?

  3. Also, isn’t the continued retention and promotion of these ‘cure’ places as offensive as an institution which offers black people the opportunity to become psychologically white …?

  4. How can we cure these posturing “religious” fanatics of their unwanted and aggressive homophobia ?

  5. He’s a Tea Party radical Christian, what do people expect of these mental defectives?

    The guy is running in the Presidential race in 2016? That’s laughable! The Republican party is collapsing under the embarrassment of their radicals, the polls clearly show this. The guy doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anywhere near the Presidency.

    The party will be splitting in the next couple of years, they have no choice. The party cannot continue with these radicals involved, public support for the Republican party as a whole is collapsing around them thanks to the radicals and their insistence on focusing on social conservatism and religious idiocy. They have to split to maintain a viable two-party system.

    The guy is an idiot, let him preach, it’s career suicide and he’s too ignorant to know it.

  6. I’d much rather be gay than someone with their nose in other people’s bedroom. I can’t help but think that they are jealous of our happiness and satisfaction. Sometimes it’s just as simple as that.

  7. Silver Fox 13 Nov 2013, 7:19pm

    My dear Senator you have just lost my vote …… actually thought you were better than this .. enough to turn a woman into a Democrat (God forbid) ! It’s 2014, get with the program !!!!

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