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SNP minister Derek Mackay comes out as gay after separating from his wife

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Reader comments

  1. Help bring the emotional pain and suffering of lavender marriages to an end. Vote marriage equality.

    1. Good comment, Charles. Only yesterday I heard from a close friend of a severely painful “lavender marriage”. The husband is so filled with self-hatred, and so unable to combat the manipulations of his homophobic wife, that at the age of 55 he remains in a relationship that has caused much pain to himself, his wife, his children, and, particularly, to the gay friends he has regularly used.

      This brave man provides a role-model for people thinking of hiding in a heterosexual relationship, and for homosexual people already in such a relationship.

  2. So let’s ask the obvious – who was threatening to out him?

    1. Good comment, SNark. So many times we have learnt, only years later, that an outing was provoked by the editor a newspaper warning that a paper was considering running a story. Sometimes homophobic journalists consider it their “moral duty” to provoke homosexual figures into declaring their sexuality publicly.

    2. David Waite 12 Nov 2013, 2:26pm

      Bad comment, SNark. The story clearly states he told his FAMILY several months ago, and has been LIVING APART from them ever since. Anyone, press or otherwise, who had any credible ‘threat of outing’ him would already have used it. Sometimes it helps to take others at their word, rather than judging them by one’s own standards of behavior.

  3. Can he NOW influence Alex Salmond not to support gay-hating sermonising queer bigoted bishops of the Catholic faith who preach hatred then do a runner after allegedly interfering with youths/ abusing position and not being held accountable? Will he continue to support the Catholic self-hating bigots and further can he do anything to reduce the horrific suicide rate of young Scots gays?

    1. While there remain people like Roseanna Cunninghame and Fergus Ewing in the Scottish Government, Salmond will always put the right of religious bigotry above that of gay equality.

      Even the Scottish Government’s flagship same sex marriage policy is not free from religious opt outs such as the proposed changes to sex education guidelines in Scottish schools, or Alex Neil saying it is “common sense” for councils to let homophobic registrars refuse to carry out civil partnerships and same sex marriage ceremonies, just as long as they got another registrar to do it instead.

      Let’s not forget that Cunninghame is supposed to be the minister responsible for the same sex marriage legislation but was allowed by Salmond to shirk her ministerial duties because of her homophobia.

  4. Good luck to this guy. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live a lie like this, especially in public. He has been touted in the Scottish press over the last couple of years as the likely successor to Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader (assuming she is the next leader). I wonder if this will affect such speculation.

    I also understand he’s quite friendly with Roseanna Cunningham. I wonder how they’ll get on now.

  5. ItchycooMark 13 Nov 2013, 12:02pm

    just another career politician lying and deceiving to get the career he wants, regardless of the impact it has on the wife and the children.
    My sympathies go to the wife who thought she had married a hetrosexual and to the kids, not to him.

  6. Actually kinda cute too..

    It’s a real shame though that this kind of thing still happens – it really speaks of a broken, backwards society when we can’t be ourselves out of fear, shame, guilt, and all the rest. Good on him for taking that step, I hope it helps inspire others in similar sham marriages to do what’s right for their own mental health.

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