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Scotland: Government rebukes Tory leader and says equal marriage ‘proceeding on schedule’

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Reader comments

  1. She’s purposefully misrepresenting the issue. She should grow up. She knows full well that the timetabling is outwith the Scottish Government’s hands, and is entirely up to the Scottish Parliament. She can pretend the Conservatives are a pro-gay party, but their membership says otherwise.

  2. How silly of Tory to attack the SNP on lgbt rights – the Tories are a rump of a party in Scotland because of their hate-filled agenda. Scotland had Section 28 imposed on it by Thatcher even though we did not vote for her – roll on independence so Scotland will never again be ruled by Tories.

  3. The Scottish government certainly took long enough to consult (twice) and then decide IF they should legislate for same sex marriage. But they did decide to do it in the end and I’m sure all Scottish government ministers aand MSPs will back their own government’s policy.

  4. To be honest, the SNP’s attitude to same sex marriage has always been muted, to say the least. Compare it to their fervour for other policies such as independence or minimum pricing for alcohol, for example.

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