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Manchester Pride vows to increase charitable donations following criticism

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Reader comments

  1. The books of these events should always be open to public scrutiny. I feel the same about all charities. I have seen “charities” in this country that pay their senior staff six-digit salaries, give them company cars, plush purpose built offices which remain primarily empty…

    An event like Pride has a lot of genuine expenses that people just don’t understand. Having been in the business of event organizing before, I know that there are considerable costs for use of land, insurance, security, facilities, waste management and more. These events don’t just happen, and they are not supported very well by local authorities as charitable events.

    They do have a lot of bills, things that the average person on the street will have no clue about. Their costs then depend on the supply of services.

    They should open the books to those complaining, show where the money is going, and why it has declined. If they refuse to, there’s something dodgy going on here.

    1. Patrick Lyster-Todd 12 Nov 2013, 6:55pm

      I don’t understand why you’re saying this … surely you checked your facts before posting this? Manchester Pride’s current accounts are open to the public, including those who are complaining, and are available on both the Charity Commission website (summary free to view – I’ve just looked at them) and Companies House website (where you can order this for £1) …

      1. Their full accounts are not published (just the bare minimum) and they have been criticised by the commission for submitting them late in the past.

  2. saw this an on another post and wondered what the views where:

    Two things we should not be paying for such a heavy staff team. Two events managers who only oversee logistics! Then we hire freelancers at what cost! One of those freelancers is the interim CEO who didn’t secure one major cash sponsor this year! Or so the rumour has it, again not personal its just the whole situation is to quick fixed. volunteer event managers are out there & desperate for the experience instantly with that small change you would save much needed money. It’s hard but not personal to individuals, it is simply stripping it back to basics Secondly if Pride goes back to its routes then a community focused trustee board is fine but if it continues under the same format the trustee board needs Representation from the community but also expertise in finance, event management, marketing etc to ensure the event is delivered to its maximum potential under charity commission regulations… the trustee board are strategic and therefore it needs to have maximum correct strength and vision lead by an impartial transparent community focused chair with a business head for fundraising. Serious change with maximum positive output Just my thoughts anyway.

  3. If a business like British Gas, makes about 5% profit is considered a rip off ( the politest term used) what should we call a charity fundraiser like Manchester pride who donate less than 4% of money raised to charity?

    1. Patrick Lyster-Todd 12 Nov 2013, 6:46pm

      But that just isn’t true; you need to get your facts right before saying things like this … Manchester Pride is a charity and it commits (and I quote from their website) that “any funds that are surplus to the operating costs at the end of the year are distributed to Charities and Organisations”. In other words, they give all of their net proceeds to charity – not 4%. Or are you forgetting about all the costs entailed? These events don’t come for free, especially with all the mandatory requirements placed upon the organisers. I think the point in question here is that the amount raised in 2012 was roughly half that in 2011 – but it was still some £52K which is significantly more than other Prides in the UK have been able to manage. Whether it could have been a larger amount is a different question – but it’s still something everyone in Manchester should be proud of.

      1. this is incorrect as they are using their assets to top up what they have actually raised (and have been doing this for a number of years) leaving the charity in an increasingly vulnerable position. Only 3.7% of revenue generated went to charity – this is fact!

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