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Liverpool University was prepared to host cleric who says gays are ‘filthy’

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Reader comments

  1. You have it backwards oh dear enlightened Muslim cleric…..You are the filthy one.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Nov 2013, 2:12pm

    Would Liverpool University welcome anyone espousing the annihilation of an ethnic group out of respect for someone’s beliefs? Would it also permit someone to address students in order to denigrate Muslims I wonder? We need further clarification as to exactly where it stands.

    1. Evidently, yes it happily would.

  3. Well, unless the Islamic Society at the University are progressive in their thinking – what exactly leads the University to deduce they’ll even disagree, far less condemn his opinions? This is the most tired comparison there is but had he espoused these extremist opinions about another religious group, ethnicity etc. the University wouldn’t have touched him with a f*cking barge pole. Enough of it being acceptable for us to still be in the crosshairs.

  4. Ergo… ‘The University of Liverpool believes its students should be allowed to applaud his views in the presence of the cleric.’

  5. There is NO WAY they would allow a person spouting of filth and hate towards Jews or black people, so why do they believe is acceptable to allow this piece of filth to promote his hatred to gay people. Why are the Home Office allowing this scum bag into the UK?

  6. jackAlison 12 Nov 2013, 3:34pm

    liverpool is a b grade university looking for media coverage like any other nobody who suddenly finds notoriety then “apologises unreservedly for any hurt caused certainly NOT intended”
    We have just this week had the anniversary of KRISTALLNACHT in Nazi Germany. Maybe liverpool needs to get a new history dept. because the grand Muffy they were going to host is precisely the catalyst that sets off young born again radicalized muslims who take their wrath and violence out on gay ppl. Absolutely disgraceful that taxes support a university that has no backbone, integrity and common sense. Airiing putrid toxic inciteful HATE is not free speech it incites vigilantism and violence. If the Muffy was talkin about Jews or blacks im absolutely certain he would defintely not get a hearing..but gays…yeah thats ok!!??

  7. How ironic it would be if any of those who decided to invite him were members of the UAF. As ridiculous as it seems it wouldn’t surprise me.

  8. This excuse from the university rings extremely hollow. I would like them to answer this question…

    If a student group wanted to have a neo-Nazi present a talk about the Holocaust, would they hold the same position that this discussion should be allowed to take place?

    It’s really very simple, they either put up or shut up. They cannot claim to be supporting freedom of opinion and the challenge of debate when they know full-well that some subjects would just not be acceptable. So who decides which subject is acceptable, and what do they base that decision on?

    Obviously, they will never be asked about this, because it seems that these people simply run away from the questions while supposedly being in support of education and discussion. This is too hard a question for them to answer, so they never will.

  9. “We are committed to providing an inclusive environment where the views and beliefs of all our staff and students are respected.”

    So if there is a neo-nazi group who think non white people and Jews are filthy and worse than animals, they would respect those beliefs and views – and they’d let a neo-nazi come and speak. Me thinks not.

    Still it’s good to know Liverpool university is homophobic – I hope one of the students of that University reports the institution to the governments department of education.

  10. “It is not the role of the university to censor people’s views, but rather to provide a neutral, open environment for them to be debated and challenged.”

    Aww, how precious. They think it can be reasoned with.
    I’m sure most of us, when we were younger, were idealistic/naive enough to believe we could end any conflict with reasoned discussion. But then you learn that it’s just not true,
    because you cannot reason with someone who doesn’t possess any. Those of us who suffer discrimination learn that lesson much earlier in our lives. This University of London ‘spokesperson’ is living in a bubble but will eventually have to grow up.
    ‘Challenging’ this bigot would be like challenging a brick wall covered in hate-slogan graffiti.

    1. And that should be University of LIVERPOOL, of course… sigh.

  11. Tara Hewitt 12 Nov 2013, 9:04pm

    Calling being gay as bad as being a rapist effectively and calling gays filthy is not a debate it doesnt need “challenged on a platform” it needs left in the gutter where that view belongs. Disgraceful that the University was prepared to host such a vile speaker. Freedom of speech is not freedom for an organisation to give you a platform. As a former Vice President at Liverpool Guild of Students I am disgusted they were prepared to host him as a speaker.

  12. This is another university I’m crossing off my list for next year.

  13. Rudehamster 13 Nov 2013, 9:35am

    Dear happy squirrels (yes, you can tell Autumn has hit the world of Rudehamster),
    Should you want to tell this fabulous slice of humanity just what you think of his position on homosexuality, then his Twitter address is @muftimenk. It’s memorable because it’s as near to ‘muff a mink’ as you can get without being seriously bitten.
    As you’d expect, it’s stuffed to the brim with soundbites and quotes. Rhetoric that would make any sane person heave their wheetabix up at great speed.
    However, like most of the Islamic spin weasels, he is literate and he can put together a sentence. So I’m expecting a decent argument from him.
    He’ll block me in the end of course. Evidence of Islamic brutality is hard to defend. They always like to tell us how perfect & flawless heterosexuality is and how blissfully peaceful and calm the mythical sky fairy has made Islam, so it’ll be nice to prick his bubble.
    Although, as we can all guess, I suspect it’s probably not the first prick he’ll have had the joy of.

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