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Bangladesh: Third gender hijra to be recognised in official documents

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Reader comments

  1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Nov 2013, 6:43pm

    In some areas of life, poor countries really beat us . I like that !

  2. Colin (Queenstown) 12 Nov 2013, 8:28pm

    This is progress. Wonderful news eh. Congratulations Bangladesh. Helge you are so right on with your comment.

    Right… rest of world follow suit please.

    1. I had to smile at your comment, because I wholeheartedly agree with you both. This *is* progress, long may it last!

  3. Rezina Halim 30 Jan 2014, 10:41am

    As a human being, every one has to leave a better life, if s/he cans. This is a big steps of humanity and a great achievement of Bangladesh to have such leadership from a modern Prime Minister in Bangladesh.

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