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Israel: Mayor of Beit Shemesh says gay people ‘do not exist’ in his city

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Reader comments

  1. James Savik 11 Nov 2013, 2:06pm

    That’s funny: it’s something they have in common with Iran.

    1. yeah fat ugly heterosexual men with small dicks who compensate by bullying others whilst hiding behind superstition!

  2. Here we go again. Another religious nut job. How do these people get elected? And would you not think that, after the persecution of both Jews and gay people suffered under Hitler, this tosser would be more careful about insulting and attempting to marginalise his fellow Jews?

  3. He added that “you will hear only good things” from him about Beit Shemesh, which he called a “garden of Eden.”

    I’d still rather live in San Francisco

  4. Jock S. Trap 11 Nov 2013, 2:45pm

    Why do hateful, delusional people always get into power because their religion ‘says so’?

    If this was anybody else, we’d be taken away and sectioned.

    1. It’s because ‘religion’ seems to have this unfathomable (to me, anyway) hold over people. If these people were quoting from ‘Peter Pan’ instead of that old novel they use, they would, as you say, be locked up. It’s all a lot of silly gobbledygook which belongs with other childish beliefs in the nursery. I HOPE it’s a generational thing and that younger people will simply reject this type of organised religion as out of touch and out of time.

  5. Christopher in Canada 11 Nov 2013, 3:01pm

    Does he own a dinner jacket?

    1. It wouldn’t be armoured by any chance, would it?

  6. Calling ALL gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex residents of Beit Shemesh!

    Get together, and get out there on the streets of Beit Shemesh and SHOW your mayor that you DO exist in “his” city!

    Show him that Beit Shemesh is YOUR city too!

    Have a great day doing it! Make it a postive fun-filled celebration!

  7. A common belief and conundrum among the religiously deluded. They’ll believe whatever their holy book tells them with zero evidence, use said holy book as an “excuse all” to their bigoted viewpoints any homosexuality and anything beyond their indoctrinated beliefs.

    Yet they’re blind to the reality around them and the fact that yes gay people do exist, and are all around them. Possibly because he has a religiously held opinion on how we all look and behave, maybe he thinks we all have devil horns?

    1. Many, many homophobes understand all too well what same-sex attraction is all about. His ‘denial’ of any gay people in his neighbourhood is probably driven by self-loathing. He is projecting his internalised wish to be rid of his own homosexual desires. ‘Show me a homophobe; I’ll show you a closet case’.

  8. What a daft wanker.

  9. Moshe Abutbul seems to be a bit of a Nazi which is doubly troubling seeing as he is a Jew.

  10. Superstition – the human answer to justified hatred –

    How is it all us so called ‘antisemitic gentiles’ can’t criticize this religion (not race as they insist on being called) Yet obnoxious bigots like this fat git can demean Gays with no regard for the history we share –

    Despicable excuse for a man

  11. Just out law religion. It has no purpose and only causes pain and hate amongst different groups also robs from the poor to keep these religious freaks living a life style that only most of us can dream of.

    1. I’d really miss my local hospital. Who’d really miss religious organisations (except a few old widows investing in an insurance policy)? All they seem to do is cause division and conflict, object to the spread of human rights and spout messages of hatred. In places where religion is dying, peace and harmony seems to be breaking out.

  12. Does this stupid man realise he is espousing exactly the same deeply unpleasant philosophy of the Nazis who also liked to boast that their cities were ‘pure’ and free of Jews? Goering would be proud of this imbecile!

    1. Sick and tired of people using the Nazi analogy when trying to describe despicable behavior.. Yes he hates gays and so did the Nazis…so what ?. Hitler is said to have been an atheist and a vegetarian (false for both claims), does it mean that atheists or vegetarians are Nazis ?

  13. steve dalton 11 Nov 2013, 10:35pm

    Time to introduce him to Eliad Cohen.

  14. James Campbell 11 Nov 2013, 11:33pm

    Ah yes, Beit Shemesh, the high rise paradise of 81,000 (expected to reach 150,000 in 2020) which grew out of a displacement camp. A heaven on earth where many ultra orthodox (Haredi ) Jews believe (and back up the belief with violence) that men and women should be separated as much as possible. Women are barred from the synagogue and girls from attending school. Of course, in such a place, the mere idea of gay relationships can evoke symptoms akin to a major seizure in the ‘pure’ inhabitants.

  15. Its predictable to compare him with a Nazi but I can’t resist.
    Nazi Germany killed all the Jews to make it “holy and pure”.
    The worst kind of bigot is the one who should know better.

  16. its so good to see that Hitler didnt have the only nut case mind .. the Mayor of Beit Shemensh … is a jewish hitler ..and should be treated as such .. its time these nut cases are exposed for what they are . the worst the world has to offer .. and if he dont think there are gays in Beit Shemesh .. then he needs to go out in the streets and open his eyes .. he could be running for the Fred Phelps of Israel … and I bet GOD isnt laughing

  17. Orthodox bible thumpers – Israel is a very tolerant society re gays, but ever group has people with their mouth and asshole reversed

  18. The mayor looks like Harvey Fierstein, what a queen!!!!

    1. Christopher in Canada 12 Nov 2013, 4:56pm

      Actually, more like Rob Reiner.

  19. that was true in another country where Jews didnt exiat also – nazi germany

    Some pls go tell the palestinians he is a key person in wanting to throw all the palestinians into the sea. Probably an orthodpx – it was one of them who destroyed the Oslo accords in 1995 by killing prime minister RAbin

    BTW I was brrought up Jewish and now am for all practical purposes aethiest When my wife goes to the temple – it smore of a social them religious thing, I go to the biggest gay bar in baltimore to meet friends there.

    every group has its total nut cases

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