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Irish equality minister: Laws preventing same-sex couples from adopting are ‘discriminatory’

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent, Definitely correct about getting this settled before enacting Equal marriage, considering what happened in France, when they didn’t! Its a pity they didn’t settle this after passing civil partnerships, before marriage equality was on the horizon, but that ship has sailed.
    I hope he is successful and has a strong will, he seems to have the right arguments.
    My Irish relatives are hoping Ireland has grown up enough to get this done.

    1. I don’t like this FG/Lab government however, I do believe that they have been doing much in the near 3 years since they formed a government. The beginnings to sort out that other shower’s mess & a lot of constitutional and legislative initiatives which the other shower sat on for donkey’s years !

      I just watched “Week in Politics” of RTÉ fame myself and the Alan Shatter confirmed that Family Relationship’s Bill will include a whole host of changes in law including for children born by in vitro; children of adopted gay persons; children of single mothers etc.

      The new legislation will take account of a pending Supreme Court and the new Bill ought to be law by Christmas 2014 with the Equal marriage referendum in 2015 ! Exciting times :-D

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