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Dutch foreign minister: Russia does not prosecute against gay people – there is ‘no ground for asylum’

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Reader comments

  1. Gay people are denied freedom of speech. Of course that is prosecution. What a douchebag.

    1. “Prosecution” no. “Persecution”, yes, indeed.

  2. Derek Williams 11 Nov 2013, 12:21pm

    This is correct. If you are gay but pretend to be straight, marry someone you do not love, and attack gay people, you will never be “prosecuted for homosexuality” in Russia.

    The Russian anti-gay law only applies to people who are openly gay and THAT is the whole problem this minister is oblivious to.

  3. The man must be blind if he thinks that there is not persecution of the LGBT community in Russia.

    Open your eyes, it is clear to see what is happening there!

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Nov 2013, 12:36pm

    I thought there was something not quite right with the statement in the earlier article in this regard. There isn’t one country which accepts gay asylum cases with open arms, not one. Persecution doesn’t necessarily warrant asylum either, but if it were an ethnic or religious minority it probably would.

    1. The Dutch foreign minister Frans Timmermans perhaps needs to further clarify his and his Governments position, there is a lot of mixed messages and “muddying of waters” going on here. The very basis of asylum is persecution for your opinions and/or who you are or associate with and targeted discrimination against defined groups within a society or “turning a blind eye to persecution” by others which “the state tacitly supports” by not enforcing laws against assault or even murder.
      If Mr. Timmermans believes this is not happening in Russia he has not been paying attention. The Russian State is directly discriminating and has been found guilty by the EHRCt. more than once!

      Even in Britain, after Supreme Court decisions that gay people should not be returned to situations of harm or threat it is still happening that gay men and women are being deported against the UN rules on asylum contrary to their UN defined Human Rights. No EU country has clean hands on this issue.

    2. “Canada accepts gay asylum-seekers in the same way as it accepts members of any other persecuted group, like a religious or ethnic minority. Asylum-seekers can file a claim after they arrive in Canada because they face persecution by their government, or because they are persecuted by others and the government does not offer protection.”

      “Canada also resettles refugees living in camps abroad, and former immigration minister Jason Kenney, now the Employment and Social Development Minister, adopted a policy of trying to resettle gay refugees fleeing Iran and Iraq. Mr. Kenney said in January he “cannot think of a more obvious case of persecution.””
      I’m not sure what I’m missing here…As with any refugee claim, the persecution must be proven to the Refugee Board.

  5. They’re not being prosecuted en masse, true enough, but they are being persecuted!

    I hope Dutch LGBTIs will advise their Foreign Minister on an appropriate attitude.

  6. “Winter is coming, we need the Russian gas” is how I read this.
    Mr Timerous would have a different view if he were being persecuted and discriminated against for HIS sexuality. Grow a spine sir. Oh and read THIS:

    AND get your gas from Norway, more security of supply when the Russian next have a spat with a Baltic State or the Ukraine and shut down the pipeline AGAIN!

  7. I get the feeling that the RT interview and article are an edited version of the truth that suits their paymasters. Reuters etc have not picked this story up probably because the transcript of the interview would reveal that the Dutch Foreign Minister said that it’s not just Russia that discriminates so I was not just attacking the attitudes in your country alone. I hope that he issues a statement to clarify this. I note that the Moscow Times has reprinted the same claims. I’d wait for this to be reported in more balanced outlets and anyone who gets a chance speak to the minister concerned first rather than just quoting verbatim from RT.

  8. Oh my god, I can’t deal with hearing this bile any more. I’m so angry for these people who live in such disgusting countries where they aren’t even given their basic human rights. Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done yesterday.

  9. Christopher in Canada 11 Nov 2013, 3:12pm

    Right…. and Hitler just wanted to see the beach… maybe wanted a little waterfront property…

  10. “….and nationals”

    Surely those two words mean that LGBT people do not need to be targeted by the law in order to meet the criteria for asylum.
    And as we know, across Russia there are extremist groups which film forced confessions, assaults, and other abuses against LGBT people, then upload these to the internet with no consequences whatsoever, even when their faces are seen, and their names are said.
    If Russian nationals are doing the work that the state does not want to dirty it’s oil rich hands with, then Russian LGBTs should still be eligible for asylum on the grounds that “…and nationals” are persecuting them.

  11. Benjamin Bee 11 Nov 2013, 5:25pm

    What does the Minister mean by persecution? Impeding adults and children to fight for the rights of sexual orientation and gender identity is not persecution? He is cynic.

  12. James Campbell 12 Nov 2013, 12:14am

    Reporter – “why did you say that Russia does not persecute gay people?”
    “I didn’t – I was misquoted”

    Reporter – “what DID you say?”
    “I was misquoted”

    Reporter – “lots of people heard what you said” …..
    “I was misquoted. Russia does not persecute gay people”

    Reporter – “but you said they did”
    “I was misquoted”

    Reporter – “are you gay?”
    “No comment”

    Reporter – “have you lived in Russia recently?”

    Reporter – “how do you know that gay people are not persecuted in Russia?”
    “The Russian authorities said so”

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