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David Furnish: The story of AIDS became a message about hope

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  1. This is a hugely important film is a “must see”, particularly the younger generation of individuals who will never be able to fully appreciate the fear that HIV brought with it.

    Thankfully the efforts of those activists has ensured that we now have safe & effective treatment for containing the virus, yet there is so much we need to do to remove the fear that many still feel, regardless of HIV status.

    Peter Staley as a young man back then did not think he would survive; he did & I have huge respect for his generation of gay men. If only we could achieve a small amount of that activism here right now in the UK, gay & bi sexual men could help reduce the number of new infections to the 100’s year on year.

    We have to get involved, not sit back & expect things to happen, they won’t! How many PN readers will take an HIV test / encourage their friends to do the same during National Testing Week? The very least we can do is to get an up to date test & to know our HIV status.

  2. Tara Smith 11 Nov 2013, 7:21pm

    I’m crying. In the 80’s so many suffered and died. I remember one gentleman went out of his way to make sure everyone around him knew how special and wonderful they were to him. He died a few months later. He thought of everyone’s happiness and ignored his own terror and pain. I thank God every day for my gay friends.

  3. Yes, a must see for me. It was a time (the 80s) when those of us running at ground level had to confront the very best and the very worst of humanity. Recently on a return visit to London I met up with my long term HIV friends whose quality of life had been seriously impacted on by pension cuts by a government who gave us marriage rights. What concerned me was the general state of their health made worse by the quality of food they were buying due to money worries.

  4. we must never forget . and films like this must be guarded and kept safe for further generations .. working from the start with those who were infected and died . and then seeing the cocktails come on board .. they have been a GOD send .. but we must never forget the early days of the plague and how we were treated .. the hate and the bigotry still is here but we must never give up the fight .. thanks you for a film that will never let us or further generations know where where we were .. where we went .. and how they got to live a aids free world

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