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US: Atlanta bar openly refuses entry to trans woman ‘because we’re a private property’

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Reader comments

  1. Hmm, me thinks the law will have something to say about that… and if not then I hope the Atalanta community does what all good capitalists do in such times and stage a boycott against the bar!

    Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

  2. KathleenVS 10 Nov 2013, 5:50pm

    “Private property” doesn’t have anything to do with it. If you do business with the public, you can’t discriminate.

  3. Just in case people haven’t heard of this (because I hadn’t), watch this very gutsy trans in Eastern Europe (I think it’s from FYROM – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – but am not sure.)

    Make sure you watch right to the end, to see the gutsy way this trans was prepared for a verbal attack from a judge!

  4. There seems to be a problem with the headline. Shouldn’t it read ‘because we’re transphobic bigots’???

  5. Unless they are licensed as a “Private Club” with a closed membership, their business license was granted to them on the condition that they are open to serve the public at large. If that public meets the age requirements, there is absolutely no way that business should be able to refuse to serve them… none…

    Shut them down until they learn that being licensed by the government to have a business feeding off of the public’s money, means you serve that public and STFU about your personal private pet peeves… or close your doors and become a private club.

  6. Obviously it’s terrible…happens all the time…my girlfriend and I weren’t allowed in GAY bar on Canal St, Manchester because we are straight.

  7. Helge Vladimir Tiller 10 Nov 2013, 9:37pm

    Yet another proof that transgender persons are extremely suppressed everywhere. FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS -DEAR FRIENDS, in Europe, in America, in Africa, in Asia, in Australia. ( —and in my small Norway ! )

  8. GingerlyColors 11 Nov 2013, 9:28am

    Can they refuse entry to black and disabled people on the grounds that they are a private property? If they tried they will get their backsides dragged through every court in the USA!

  9. Interestingly, I’ve seen similar front door dissuasions against lesbians from gay bars. Being in the suburbs, several (sorely needed) all-male gay bars have opened, only to be innundated by lesbians. The gay men stop going, and the owner shuts down because he wasn’t making half the money when it was filled with men. Sorry to say, but as an ex-bartender, it is true that women drink much less and barely tip at all (a major source of income for a bartender in the US).

    More importantly, they were the only place for the rural trans boys to go. These quick gay bar deaths (usually within two years of opening) has happened many times, regardless of the nude male art, men’s rooms with urinals long enough to land a C5 cargo plane, and the lady’s room with barely a chemical toilet and a shower curtain.

    I love my lesbian sisters. I’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you at every parade and protest march, but please leave our bars alone, and open your own. Thank you.

    1. You are a rather creepy individual.

  10. friday jones 11 Nov 2013, 5:18pm

    Atlanta has legal public accommodations protection in place for transgendered individuals. So the bar employees are absolutely incorrect, unless they close their doors to the public and go members only. They had no right to bar someone from the premises based on her gender expression, none whatsoever.

  11. The laws around all of this are very strange whether you’re in the US or UK. For instance, a bar in the UK can refuse entry to anyone, but to avoid being discriminatory they come up with another excuse. No one can argue against a seven foot bouncer in the UK without risking being pummeled into the ground, or just being barred from every club in that area.

    The only real way to deal with these things is to make as much noise about them as possible. We had one club that was hosting a gay night in the middle of the week for months, then one night they started barring all the regulars at the door, telling them there was a private party, while letting other random (straight people) in.

    We called them out on it, there was a boycott, the gay night moved to another venue and within two months the homophobic club went out of business.

    The door staff had no idea that we were keeping that place going, or the power we had as a community to organize a boycott.

  12. Sinead Harkin 12 Nov 2013, 8:54am

    Disgusting and disgraceful,sadly it still goes on.I was refused entry to a bar for being trransexual.When told he was acting illegally the bouncer told me he was refusing my entry because I was wearing an Iron Maiden T shirt!

  13. Cheryl CC-E 14 Nov 2013, 9:36pm

    If the offended party would contact Atlanta’s Human Relations Commission, some relief may be granted…it has been suggested that this organization has outlived its purpose because not enough people do actually go in and file complaints. It’s located in City Hall, if you Ms. Brooks should change her mind. Atlanta has “equal access” laws.

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