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US televangelist Pat Robertson voted Stonewall’s Bigot of the Year Award 2013

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Reader comments

  1. The “award” should be reserved for home grown bigots, it has more affect. Keith O’Brien is a good example.

  2. The trouble with this award is that around half the nominees wouldn’t be that bothered about receiving it.
    Some wear their homophobia as a badge of pride – Scott Lively springs to mind. I’d say in terms of actual harm done Scott Lively should win this one hands down after lobbying for homophobic laws in Uganda and Russia.
    Trouble is he’s so thick skinned he’d probably frame it and stick it on his office wall, which leaves you with the ineffectual also-rans like Pat Robinson, who deny their bigotry.

  3. The Bigot of the Year award should have gone to Putin.
    I don’t give a rats behind what some radical preacher with no power does, his opinions and nonsensical rants do nothing but push more young Christians away (he’s providing a service). Putin, on the other hand, has done things to directly harm the LGBT community in Russia, increasing violence and providing little or no protection to victims of such abuse.

    Putin is the ultimate bigot of the year.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Nov 2013, 1:57pm

    Niall Ferguson, not Neil Ferguson. I believe he later retracted his anti-gay slurs in a statement several months ago. I still think the Daily Mail/Telegraph, C4M, Christian Alliance, Christian Concern and Anglican Mainstream should have been given awards although I think Stonewall was being politically correct by avoiding such an action. The BBC wasn’t exactly off the hook either giving hardly any positive coverage of the success of the equal marriage bill. It too should have at least been given a negative citation.

    1. The BBC also published a long piece on the Sochi Olympics yesterday, but although they mentioned the locals being without power, the costs and corruption of the venues and infrastructure, they didn’t once mention the anti-gay law, or the fact that Putin has removed all right to protest in the country.

      The BBC is a joke.

  5. Should have been Putin, but….I guess the Pink News staff hates Americans more than Russians.

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