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US: 13-year-old suspended from school for carrying a designer handbag

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Reader comments

  1. Mihangel apYrs 8 Nov 2013, 12:49pm

    If girls are allowed to do it, boys should be allowed (girls do tend to get a pass on more things at school than boys – hair length, what they wear and how they wear it).

    But we know, fundamentally, this is bigotry

  2. Christopher in Canada 8 Nov 2013, 1:19pm

    The usual misgynist bigotry – females can wear anything, regardless of which gender it was origianlly intended for, and who cares? as they are powerless and less-than. If a male wears something, then all civilization collapses…. We see it every occasion where women wear unique gowns and men all dress like penguins.

    1. I’m not sure if I agree that women having the freedom to wear what they want is an example of misogyny, exactly.

    2. PantoHorse 9 Nov 2013, 1:01pm

      I think you mean misadnry…
      But no, it’s not bigotry for females to be able to dress as they choose.

  3. Derek Williams 8 Nov 2013, 1:29pm

    If girls can take a bag into class then so should boys be allowed to. Either everyone can take a bag in or no-one can.

    1. Christopher Coleman 9 Nov 2013, 7:16pm

      I think one should not forget that male clothes are well endowed with pockets. Most female clothes lack these, and that makes their handbags a necessity throughout life. I’ve always been glad that I do not have to carry a bag with me wherever I go, whatever I do, shopping aside. That said, schools should be required to apply the same standards to all students.

  4. Skyler be yourself, these people are unreal.

  5. They first said that they suspended him because of his bag.
    They then said that, no, they had really suspended him for ‘foul language’.
    People who change their story know that they haven’t got a story that stands up and that they have been caught doing wrong. In this case, they have been caught pushing a boy around out because he didn’t conform to their prejudices. I wonder how much influence the local Religious Right has in this school?

  6. James Savik 8 Nov 2013, 3:46pm

    I think it looks stunning on him.

  7. I would like to know what really happened. If students have to keep their bags in their lockers, well, that should be true for all students. I can understand the school’s reasoning behind a no bags policy.

    The gay card has been played. As a gay man I abhor any discrimination against individual expression, however my objective side is pretty much in favor of the school in this instance. Discipline is necessary in schools and sometimes has to be carried out on students; gay or straight.

    1. Liza Hilliker 8 Nov 2013, 5:46pm

      exactly :)

    2. Look. This kid probably isn’t even gay. No one is using a “gay card”, except maybe the school authorities, who possibly suspect him of being gay for wearing that kind of bag, and want to discriminate against him because of it.

    3. While I agree about the value of rules. Isn’t it a bit strange that the school have changed their story when it was challenged??

      1. We only have hearsay evidence for that. The article is a bit light on facts.

  8. Liza Hilliker 8 Nov 2013, 5:42pm

    this is ridiculous. Lying and saying that they suspended him from school because of the purse, then lying and saying that it was because of “foul language” yea bull crap, next time think of the example you are sending the children. You say be themselves then discriminate them for doing just that. yeah that’s nice. I am a 16 year old girl and I even see that what these people did is wrong. They have no right to suspend him for wearing a purse that he likes. I think the principle of this school, should be ashamed. Skyler be proud that you stuck up for yourself. :)

  9. I’ve carried a “handbag” for decades. Not as a fashion statement, but because there has never been a pair of pants made that had pockets to carry all of my junk. Multiple cell phones to loan to people in case of emergencies, first aid supplies, cough drops, tissues, munchies… I’ve carried one for so long that it feels strange when I go out without it. Call me whatever you want, I don’t care. Just don’t try taking my bag away!

  10. Sweet Jesus, this is what the struggle for equality has degenerated to, the right for a teenage boy to carry a “designer” “handbag” to school? Some people really need to get a sense of perspective.

  11. I’m assuming teachers also have to leave their bags in the staff room. If not, why not? I’m reminded of a store that asked me to leave my satchel at the front. I looked around, saw women with their large, shoulder-borne purses and asked why they didn’t have to. I was told it was ‘policy’ (not posted). The person then repeated: ‘Do you mind if I ask you to leave it here?’ I said: ‘I don’t mind you asking, but I won’t’ – and I left the store. Haven’t been back since. I don’t appreciate the implication that I’m a thief, especially when it is a rule NOT applied to women and their purses.

  12. This looks very much like sex discrimination, and as such is wrong, but it is not obvious what it has to do with gay rights, per se.

    Would Pink News comment on, say the gender pay gap?

  13. Mr Davis should not be discriminated against because of his gender or sexuality. Nor indeed his age . I thank the author of this article for calling the young man by his proper name . This seems a privilege which is often bestowed more on young women of this age than men .

  14. The only way to tackle this type of bigotry is encourage as many pupils male or female to do the same. Stand up for your rights to be an individual. Teachers feel threatened by any pupil who dares to be different they don’t have the training to deal with it in a proper manor.

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