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Stonewall accused of snubbing Liberal Democrats at awards ceremony

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Reader comments

  1. Stonewall were also accused of ignoring trans activists’ concerns about Stowell’s adamant support for the spousal veto … but it’s not surprising that’s not reported given that PinkNews named her Politician of the Year too!

  2. Bi and trans erasing organisation doesn’t like admitting there are more than two possibilities shock.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Nov 2013, 4:05pm

    Totally agree with Lord Rennard! Stonewall should have at least acknowledged that if it hadn’t been for Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems, , there would been no introduction of equal marriage legislation, the only party officially endorsing it. The Tories and Labour didn’t. Stonewall deserves NO credit for any passage of the Marriage Bill in my view.

  4. I admit that I thought about this aspect this morning and wondered why the LibDems were not mentioned despite nearly all LibDems leading on this issue and as pointed out, Stonewall were against same-sex marriage.

    Stonewall are too much in the pockets of Labour and the Tories me thinks and have never like the LibDems.

    1. 8 years of Stonewall awards, never a Liberal winner – one time it might just be the roll of the dice, eight times and it’s starting to look institutional…

  5. Stephen Glenn 8 Nov 2013, 4:33pm

    Of course there were those who drafted the first Liberal Democrat policy motion who are not even that recognised by their own party, who only look back as far as that debate at Federal conference after it was already Scottish policy.

    But I happen to know that their reward is that what was drafted in now (largely) law in England and Wales (about to become in Scotland) and they know where work still needs to be done, unlike Stonewall and Baroness Stowell.

    1. Inside the Lib Dems it would have to be traced back at least to the 1990s partnership policy options debate…

      1. Stephen Glenn 8 Nov 2013, 7:48pm

        I’m aware there are various stages through party history and yet Stonewall are jumping all over something they still opposed less than three years ago,but clamouring not over those who instigated it and did all the leg work but those who merely had to present (and in some areas fail) the Bill to deliver LG(b) no T equality.

  6. Proportionately, more Labour MPs voted for the marriage equality bill than the Lib Dems. There were some high-profile, Catholic defections among the Lib Dems.

    1. Not in the Lords (where the Bill may have been in doubt). Lib Dems had a higher turnout and a higher percentage in favour in each vote.

  7. BlokeToys 8 Nov 2013, 6:21pm

    I do wish Stonewall would crawl under a rock and die already. This “charity” is so out of step and becoming a joke to most of us.

    Stonewall is a discredited shambles, doing more to embarrass the LGBT community in the UK than anything actually worthwhile or constructive.

  8. Patrick Lyster-Todd 8 Nov 2013, 7:09pm

    I wasn’t at the awards last night – but I wonder whether any mention (ie credit) was given to all the work that Peter Tatchell and others contributed via the Equal Love campaign ( which – akin to the Lib Dems – long pre-dated Stonewall’s support for same-sex marriage. In fact, Peter and others also argued (rightly) that civil partnerships should be opened up to straight people in order to achieve true equality on this topic – a bridge too far for Stonewall (who argued, somewhat perversely, that they could only support issues wholly relating to gay issues – without realising that the Charity Commission wouldn’t have given a damn if they openly also supported straight couples, on what was obviously a related issue). I’m a great believer in giving credit where credit is due – but methinks that some at Stonewall are guilty of wilful revisionism in terms of who should really be congratulated for the achievement of equal marriage …

  9. Perhaps it wasn’t politicians who brought about same sex marriage. Kudos to Stonewall in regognising the Quakers for setting the agenda, from the publication 50 years ago of Towards a Quaker View of Sex, challenging both the law and the traditional christian view while homosexual acts were illegal and the law pursued rigoously, to the groundbreaking agreement in 2009 to endorse equal marriage for all, a decision made without rancour, without a vote, without late-night negotiations in smoke-filled rooms. That set a mood in which political action became inevitable.

  10. But Baroness Barker did, nonetheless, enjoy the food and drink!!!!!!

  11. John Rossington 9 Nov 2013, 9:27pm

    I am not suprised. Stonewall is far too much in the pockets of the Labour and Tory establishment. It was very slow to support Equal Marriage itself. It was Liberal Democrat politicians who pushed the agenda on this issue. Stonewall needs to be more of a risk taker and stand up for everyone including the transgender community. It also needs to take more of an interest in what is happening outside London

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