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Singer Sia to donate all proceeds from Eminem collaboration to LGBT charity

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Reader comments

  1. At least she’s donating money in between apologising for the bigot

  2. A graceful gesture, though one does wonder why she would collaborate with him in the first place. I don’t see how anyone who performs the lines he does can be found anything other than homophobic – FFS, he’s a singer (of sorts), not a playwright or scriptwriter making a point!

  3. BlokeToys 8 Nov 2013, 6:42pm

    The problem is not so much that he’s presenting a character, it’s that his audience doesn’t understand that and will therefore want to emulate him by being that violent, homophobic bigot.

    He might want to make the excuse that it’s all about another imagined persona, but he knows full well that his words will be interpreted as his opinion, otherwise this would be made clear in his work.

    He doesn’t make that clear in this track, he doesn’t differentiate what is right and wrong, and that is why people are rightly angry about his homophobia.

    Well done her for making the point, but I still think she was stupid to entangle herself with an “artist” like him.

    1. His own mother hasn’t understood Slim Shady/Eminem/Marshall Mathers as a mere persona, she is (currently ongoing) suing Eminem for character assassination over a comment about her alleged drug use.

  4. How very convenient to have a separate persona to blame when you create homophobic hate music, I guess all homophobic artistes could start claiming that they have merely created a homophobic persona and it’s not them speaking, yapping or singing.
    First we had special religious opt-outs and exemptions and now are we supposed to also have special opt outs and exemptions for created persona’s?

  5. It’s funny how Eminem’s apologists keep saying that he’s simply got this “persona”. LOL. I’m sure Eminem has no trouble accepting his royalty checks addressed to Marshall Mathers.

    As for Sia, what a hypocrite! This is why I don’t trust lesbians or bisexual women. They almost always side with straight guys who think gay guys are perverts.

    The thing that is most irritating, however, is the failure of the gay media to criticize Rihanna. Rihanna has also collaborated with Eminem on his new album. In fact, it’s at least her second time collaborating with Eminem. Why no criticism of her? Why has the gay media criticized Sia but not Rihanna, the latter being far worse?

    Rihanna has also sung with Buju Banton, the Jamaican singer who sings about killing gays.

    Is the gay media afraid to take on Rihanna?

  6. Rihanna has a duet with Eminem on his new album. Why hasn’t there been any criticism of Rihanna?

  7. Rihanna can get away with singing with Eminem but Sia can’t? What double standards do we have here?

  8. He’s just an ignorant american moron who represents the least talented of human kind –

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