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Rugby star Gareth Thomas says ‘nothing should hold back’ gay athletes wanting to compete in Sochi 2014

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone know if there are any more details of the Gareth Thomas film with Mickey Rourke?

  2. BlokeToys 8 Nov 2013, 6:37pm

    Well, this is disappointing to say the least.

    So, basically, the right of an athlete to parade around and win some medals and money is more important than Human Rights.

    I’m sick of hearing athletes and sportspeople complaining that they’ve “worked hard” to get there, and therefore deserve the privilege of ignoring Human Rights abuses to achieve their personal ambitions. Sorry, Gareth, but that’s called selling your soul, selling out, and even colluding with the abusers.

    Sochi is not the only opportunity athletes have, lets not pretend that it is as some kind of excuse for personal greed and glory over basic Human Rights.

    I hope all those participating have sleepless nights thinking about the young LGBT people being raped, beaten, tortured and abused in their own country, knowing that they are all too spineless and selfish to stand against it.

    I was a big fan of this man, but unfortunately my opinion of him has been severely damaged.

  3. I agree with Gareth on this one. To all these people who say these athlete should boycott are the same people who are not good at sport. An athlete should be allowed to follow their dreams to win medals no matter which country they are being held, this may be their only chance.

    1. It’s a question of morality and ethics.
      Human Rights abuses should not be ignored as an inconvenient truth, to allow for personal gain.
      Sochi is NOT the only opportunity these athletes have to compete, that is a lie that plenty keep repeating as some kind of justification for betraying morality.
      There are competitions all over the world every year, with the chance to win medals and money, the Olympics comes around every four years.

      Where exactly do we draw the line? What would be the limit of abuse before these athletes would find their moral compass? Would they still ignore the abuses if there were executions in the streets in Russia? Mass arrests of LGBT citizens? How many rapes, tortures and teen suicides does there need to be before an athlete finally discovers their spine and speaks out against it?

  4. It is a question of sacrifice. It’s nice and easy to click on a link to a petition. But how far would people go for something like this? How many people on here would do it if it basically meant quitting their job?
    I know I wouldn’t with a husband and two kids to feed! But that’s just me. Selfish?

  5. My opinion is that there is value in gay athletes taking responsibility to do both: to compete in homophobic countries PROVIDED that as they do so they ensure that homophobic country is fully aware of their homosexuality!

    In other words, gay athletes shouldn’t agree to enter a homophobic country with their homosexuality locked away and invisible! That’s collaboration with homophobia.

    And, PinkNews, nice to view three testosterone-fuelled football players engaged in banter, but three-quarters of the way into that long interview Gareth Thomas says nothing about Sochi 2014 or anything to do with gay issues. Don’t waste readers’ time! The implication of your presentation is that the quote is in the video. If a quote is s right at the end of a long video, then do WARN US.

  6. Geoffrey Marsh 9 Nov 2013, 10:57pm

    The abuse of gay kids is called paedophilia. How does that make you feel, paedo Putin?

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