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Labour peer Lord Alli: David Cameron ‘changed the centre ground’ by legalising equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. It’s a good point. I mean look at the US. The Republican party still officially opposes gay marriage and other gay rights. Supporting gay rights is certainly not a ‘centralist’ position in America. The gay marriage debate is still seen as having two equal sides… However the US will follow suit eventually.

  2. Godric Godricson 9 Nov 2013, 10:51am

    A thank you to Lord Ali for his work in the Lords. I was impressed by his TV presentation and for his background work. However, Stonewall are again ‘Johnny come lately’ in the matter of Equal marriage’. shame on Stonewall.

  3. David Cade 9 Nov 2013, 11:47am

    We gay men and lesbians all owe Waheed Alli a great deal of thanks. He absolutely deserves recognition and praise. During the same-sex marriage debate in the House of Lords he worked extremely hard for the right of homosexual citizens to receive greater respect and dignity.

  4. and he looks like and his name is arabic Total cogratualtions to this great man

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Nov 2013, 12:34pm

    What a man! He and I had some lovely email exchanges during the Lords debate. He was absolutely marvellous in his delivery as were many others in support. He’s absolutely right, Cameron, like him or not did change the centre ground given the resounding success of its passage in the upper chamber. I think Cameron deserved an award for sticking to his guns in the face of fierce opposition in his own party. Takes courage and leadership and he clearly demonstrated both, rare qualities in MPs nowadays. An award would have really rubbed the opposition’s collective noses in it, deservedly so.

    1. I agree, Robert, that Cameron did well. He’ll be remembered for it in decades and centuries to come. I wonder if Stonewall thought it politic not to cast him as a hero at this time, thereby saving him from another tide of growls and grunts from the dinosaurs in the Tory back benches? Do you think Stonewall might have considered this?

  6. With respect lord Alili, nonsence, Cameron as only done this for his own means, the same as any other past government as done regardless if labour, lib/dems or tory, there bid as been to win the gay vote which in many areas would win them or lose them seats, they have enjoyed trying to get the big bucket loads of gay people, such as film and pop stars or wollow to their whim

    and Please note i say the gay vote, they have done nothing at all for the Transgender community who in this country still treated as not second but third rate citizens

    so Mr Alli please, you have done splended work for not just gay people but don,t fob us of that the 3 main parties have given us anything

    1. Oh for heaven’s sake stop being so bitter and stating the obvious so smugly, politicians did something for political gain, so what the gay community still benefited, the motives are inconsequential, and yes the trans community is still very much second class, but you trying to divide the gay and trans community into separate entities is not helpful. The solution is to continue to lobby all three parties to protect all minorities.

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