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Islamic cleric who describes gays as ‘filthy’ cancels UK tour

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Reader comments

  1. He’s the only filthy person. One filthy and intolerant bigot.

    1. But the banner at the top of that flyer parades his name as if he were a celebrity, a star! I guess there’s a niche for theatrical muftis in theatrical garb spouting dramatic nonsense.

  2. Oh well that’s good news, now this arrogant, hand flapping, Junoesque hairball can put his fake glued-on beard back in a drawer and hang his tent like, elaborate gown back in his closet and spend more time relaxing at the men’s bath house I guess.

    1. Beautifully put, Pavlos!

  3. But he looks so happy and smiley..

  4. John Hunt 7 Nov 2013, 6:38pm

    Why has the Tayyibun Institute now cancelled the tour?

    Are they promoting a new, improved islam which no longer advocates murdering gay men?

    Or are they just rapidly ensuring that their clerics are more discreet in public utterances?

  5. I HOPE the event has been cancelled because he was warned by our Immigration Service that he’d be refused entry because of his vile views. But knowing how reluctant our UK autorities are to upset our Muslim brothers, I doubt it. Religious belief can NEVER be allowed to be a licence to peddle hatred. Believe what the hell you want. But the law must intervene the moment you use your belief as a weapon of bigotry with which to inflict pain on others.

  6. Matthew Jenkins 7 Nov 2013, 7:09pm

    The University of Cardiff was also unaware of him speaking and, as a result of his views being contrary to the ethical principals of the SU, has barred him from speaking on it’s premises.

    Well done PinkNews for getting this some media attention. And thank you to the other universities for taking similar stances and opposing the dissemination of hatred rather than hospitality and friendship.

    Secretary; Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society; Cardiff University.

  7. Why is this person allowed into the Uk period- we don;’t want this filth here thank you very much

  8. Love the way the Talybun Institute is taking credit for promoting peace. They knew his views when they booked him.

  9. Does anyone else get the feeling that some Islamic groups purposely invite these hate-mongering extremists knowing that they’ll have to cancel them with a view to fomenting the view in their own ranks that ‘nasty Western secular liberals’ are persecuting them?
    Just a thought.

    1. That is certainly a possibility. In the same way, some Zionist extremists paint obscene slogans and Nazi symbols in Jewish graveyards in order to frighten Jews, increase their cohesiveness as a community and make those who aren’t Zionist extremists join the ones that are.

      1. Your proof for this assertion is – ?

      2. As Rehan says, I would like to see the evidence for this. The analogy you draw is in any case false and suggests antisemitism. Antisemitic groups do indeed deface Jewish graves, whatever mischievous Zionists might do; and these expressions of hatred rightly make Jewish people both fearful and mutually supportive.
        There is no parallel here to what I suggest may be motivating some Islamic groups who give a platform to incitement to hatred and violence. Banning such speakers, unlike daubing hate-signs on Jewish graves, cannot be rationally interpreted as a sinister external threat. But it could serve the purposes of extremists who want to both feel and cultivate a sense of grievance about not being given an outlet for hateful views.

        1. People like Steven are why Zionism is necessary, justified and good for LGBT Jews and Israelis.

  10. With all due respect to the cleric it is obvious he is not educated on the behavior of animals or he would not have stated that animals don’t display ‘homosexual’ behavior. The most famous being the Bonobo chimpanzees who seem to utilize sexual actions, both homosexual and non homosexual, to placate an angry neighbor chimp. The bonobo chimps are considered the only peaceful chimps of all chimps. And well we all are familiar not only with ‘gay’ dog actions but their cross species behavior as well. Guard your leg. I have also observed dogs making out with stuffed animals. Yuck, but they do act this way.
    The dear cleric, with all due respect, has led a very sheltered life to make such statements.Totally oblivious to animal life around him. The famer would find no empathy with this man.

  11. filthy? far from that! you’re an embarrassment to the muslims people. homosexuality isn’t mentioned in the Quran you filthy kalb. its not a sin! stop convincing yourself it is when it isn’t.

  12. The irony of “as bad as rape” when he probably thinks that the bad thing about rape is the effort required to stone the victim to death.

  13. hah, anyone who thinks that dogs don’t engage in homosexual behaviour has evidently never seen two male dogs in each other’s company

    there will be sniffing, licking, humping, slobbering etc goddamn dogs are gay as hell

  14. That beard looks like a Just for Men job to me.

    Seems that some religious bigots are vain also.

  15. Filthy, ignorant man.

    Clearly he does he not know that homosexuality is found in over 100 species of animals?

  16. He has a serious case of gayface. My gaydar is tingling just looking at that picture. Like it does with other hate mongering bigots who inevitably turn out to be closeted. I get told im ridiculous and ‘gayface’ isnt a thing but I truly believe it is possible to tell from someone’s fscial features in some cases. In fact there was a bbc article this week mentioning research into it.

  17. Dogs and pigs are loveable and beautiful creatures (especially dogs). I have no problem in being thought of as not quite as awesome as my dog, who is f**king awesome.

    If you’re brought up in a world where dogs and pigs are believed to be the lowest of the low of the animal kingdom then that is clearly an offensive term, but the Mufti can’t see beyond his own culture so he’s probably no idea really how ridiculous he sounds here.

    Why must we even have a hierarchy between animals and among people? In any form of rational thinking the purpose this serves is an unfair one.

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