A model saw the funny side when the Guardian online used a stock image of her alongside an advice column about wanting to have sex with a group of obese men.

A stock image of Samantha Ovens, 38, who is happy with her female partner, was featured in the story, which carried the headline: “I fantasise about group sex with old, obese men.” The image was taken from a shoot called “Colds and Illness”.

The Guardian published a follow up story to clarify that Ovens was not actually the subject of the column. “I opened it up when I was with some friends,” Ovens said.

“In fact, I was with my partner’s mum as well. I screeched with laughter and said: ‘Oh. You have to see this.’ There’s me looking very anxious, and I bloody well would be, wouldn’t I?”

Ovens saw the error in good humour, but said that she is happy with her female partner.