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Britney Spears’s favourite author believes equal marriage will lead to legalised polygamy and incest

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Reader comments

  1. to hell with who the author is…
    I’m just amazed that Britney Spears can read at all!m

  2. This is a total non-article. So what if he has stupid views? Maybe he writes good fiction books?! Maybe he doesnt put his stupid views in his books? Come on PN, it’s not like she said her favourite book was Meine Kampf. She probably does not even know the personal views of this writer!

  3. Francis Gallant 7 Nov 2013, 2:54pm

    In any case, I’m so amazed at the possibility that society may one day allow a man to marry 5 women or allow the union of 2men/2 women or conduct commune marriage or allow the daddy/daughter or woman/giraffe union, etc. And history will be able to record that it all happened because gay people were allowed to love each other openly. Now, as far as Brit goes, I am confused!

  4. as if this is printable news coming from the same brainless malfunctionally autotoned mousketeer who thought we should follow what the that bastard BUSH said when he was prezzy…UMMM does NO goe swith WAY!

  5. Dumb redneck Bitch!

  6. Way to alienate a large percentage of your fanbase, Britters *facepalm*

    1. barrybear1980 7 Nov 2013, 8:57pm

      Totally, not sure she thought this one through ….

  7. Has she tried checking in with him to find out what he thinks her performances and music videos will lead to?

  8. Hello! Polygamy is associated almost exclusively with certain “religions”. Or are we to just try and ignore that awkward fact?

  9. john lyttle 7 Nov 2013, 6:00pm

    “Who’s to say a man can’t have five wives?”

    Not the Bible, which is full of men with five, sex, seven and 100 wives.

  10. This was a kind of pointless article wasn’t it, slow news week guys?
    She likes the author who wrote a pretty far-fetched piece about equal marriage & the following year said God loves everyone including gay people. But she has always supported the gay community. So the point of this article is? So what if she likes an author who is a religious man but doesn’t believe in marriage equality, it doesn’t mean she believes that too. My favourite author does believe in marriage equality but argues against some other beliefs I hold dear. As an intelligent adult I can choose to respectfully disagree.

  11. Christopher in Canada 7 Nov 2013, 8:04pm

    Britney reads????

  12. Just like women’s rights will lead to animal rights to vote and contribute to human society too ;)

  13. Britney, go shave your head.

  14. I wouldn’t be hard on her, I’m sure she got his name from someone on her team, as I doubt she has actually read anything.

  15. BlokeToys 8 Nov 2013, 6:45pm

    So how is she responsible for something an author said? Unless you’re going to reveal that this is the basis for all those books and that she therefore must know his opinion on everything, this is a completely irrelevant story, and perhaps just another opportunity to mention Britney Spears on the PN site.

    I guess this is the kind of rubbish PN puts out there on a very slow news day.

  16. Madam Delphine 9 Nov 2013, 12:44am

    I think you can admire someone’s work without having to agree with every one of their personal views. Britney has been a supporter of the gay community throughout her career, regularly attending gay events and giving supportive answers when asked – without feeling the need to constantly publicise said support in order to gain the gay market. I am astounded at the rudeness of some of these readers. I am by no means Britney’s biggest fan but are all the nasty and hateful comments necessary?

  17. What a stupid Author!!! He thinks that what makes Parents not to marry their children is the Law on Marriage,what and idiot imbecile… So silly! If there are some people who have love relationship with their children and their children don’t mind,nothing will stop their relationship.It’s their life,they do whatever they want to do,and stay with any one they want.Who said marrying to a giraffe is a step back,and who are you to decide for the person you don’t even know,who should he/she marry.Marriage long time ago in times of Abraham was based on verbal agreement between Partner and another Partner.And everyone was marrying whoever they wanted,unless someone would be threatening them to be stoned to death,which is again non of their business. There is always some Ignorant Imbeciles who want to put their nose in other peoples lives,and if someone marries a giraffe ,how the hell will it affect you or your personal relationship with God?! Worst thing that people comparing God to Church.

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