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US: Former school football coach says he lost his job because he was gay

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  1. Chuckster 7 Nov 2013, 9:35am

    Your comment about Hope Powell at the end is nonsensical. Her job was to coach a football team and not to be a gay rights promoter. The fact that her recent results were poor was what got her sacked, her other activities ought not to have had any bearing on that fact – positive or negative.

  2. And people still wonder why others don’t just come out.

    The fact is that other excuses can be made to justify sacking someone because of their sexuality. Many people just find it easier to hide their sexuality in their professional lives to avoid this possibility. It might not be right, but some of us can understand it.

    I admire those who do come out in their professional lives, because it most certainly is still a risk, no matter what country you live in or what the laws are surrounding equality. The system is stacked against people like him, and I almost expect to see him lose this case, because they can come up with any reason to have let him go.

    The next time someone here considers calling someone weak for hiding their sexuality, think about it again. Would you risk the career you have spent decades building, knowing that there are likely people who would destroy you in an instant for nothing more than who you love?

    1. I think you are right in broad terms. Even antidiscrimination laws, important though they are in principle, are often difficult to enforce in practice.
      But the fact is that the benign snowball effect of multiple coming-out is hard to deny. The more lgbt people are out in a work context, the more unremarkable and unthreatening it becomes and the less reasonable and defensible bigoted behaviour towards lgbt people appears. I also think that community activism is important to publicise and embarrass the hell out of institutions which behave like this.

  3. Coach Wallace 12 Nov 2013, 1:56am

    I can’t believe this has made international news… wow… and why?

    In California we have workplace discrimination laws that includes sexual orientation which is why I am able to bring a lawsuit. Sadly, many states in the U.S. do not have such protection. Had I lived in one of those states I would have no recourse to being unfairly fired. This is why the Employment Non-Descrimination Act (ENDA) needs to be passed by our federal government.

    This will be a long process but I hope that justice is served and that one day all people (regardless of any characteristic!) are judged solely on their performance.

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