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Terrence Higgins Trust urges gay men to make a pledge against rising HIV

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  1. Beelzeebub 6 Nov 2013, 7:30pm

    No. It starts with equality. It starts with EQUAL RIGHTS.

    No longer needing to hide around pubs clubs and toilets.

    Look more at the heterosexuals causing this rise and stop perpetuating “its the gays.”

    But of course you need that to continue funding.

  2. An Estimated 38 million human beings world wide are infested with HIV – If they are ALL gay then we clearly are NOT a minority – the fact is we are, so Millions and millions of Heterosexuals have the Virus – despite the Main UK charity – constantly claiming that Gay men are the continuing cause of it’s spreading –
    Hey THT earn your funding and Make everyone responsible –

  3. The current campaign was commissioned by the Department of Health with THT being the lead contractor, supported by other organisations, particularly Yorkshire Mesmac in the North.

    Whilst I agree HIV is not just a problem for MSM, & I would like to see the Government put its hand in its pocket & properly fund a National HIV Awareness Campaign aimed at everyone. However, we cannot escape the fact that MSM are the population group most at risk here in the UK of acquiring HIV.

    I get that many MSM are fed up with the targeted approach, but until new HIV infections start to come down within the MSM population group what is the alternative?

  4. Alex Sparrowhawk 9 Nov 2013, 6:19pm

    In the UK approximately 49% of people receiving specialist HIV care are heterosexual and 43% were infected by MSM contact. However, it is within MSM where the we are seeing the biggest percentage increase year on year. Whilst I agree that there is a clear need for a campaign that speaks to everyone, we can not deny that MSM is still very much a high risk group.

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