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Russia: Lawmaker who compared being gay to having sex with a dog ‘welcomes all’ to Moscow 2016 Dog Show

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Reader comments

  1. I hear he wants to become a priest, I suggest this parasite does so immediately and transfers his porky misinformed arse over to the Russian Orthodox church where he can don a frock and silly hat and find his true happiness… continuing to dupe other similarly weak-minded non clerical individuals out of their hard earned money.

    1. Excellently put, Pavlos!

  2. Sounds like one mixed-up b*tch to me! First, he compares us to animals – now he wants us to bring in our tourist roubles? One weird bigot who wants to be a priest. A perfect candidate for the church, wouldn’t you say, who can spread Jesus’ central message of ‘love’? A think a boycott of the whole nation is what’s required – not just events like Olympic Games and Dog Shows ….

  3. Send Vitaly and Vladimir copies of Warwick University Rowing Club’s latest calendar!

    See trailer of it here:

  4. BlokeToys 6 Nov 2013, 1:32pm

    It works, and any organization, celebrity, sportsperson, international body or otherwise continuing to support this oppressive fascist regime should face the same boycott too.

    These views do not belong in the civilized world, and we have to show that states which implement bigoted laws like this will be ostracized.

    DW would be wise to start seeking a new venue, one in a nation that isn’t following the Nazi playbook almost to the letter.

    I guarantee that something is going to happen in Russia to LGBT visitors, either at the Olympics or another event. The nation is a seething mess of ultra-nationalism, homophobia, racism, sexism and violence. No member of any minority group was safe in Russia even before this law, now it’s open season on LGBT people – as witnessed by the collusion of Police in the recent violent attack on a health center.

    Any organization planning an event in Russia is putting their staff, spectators and others at great risk. It is not a risk worth taking.

  5. Will gay dogs be banned…? just sayin.

    1. I had a gay Pekingese dog, he was a handsome, black-coated, pedigree, would-be stud but he wouldn’t do the business with any bitches he was teamed up with, however he was very happy to take it from any mongrel in the street and he seemed to actively seek it out too, I tried to discourage it at first but what can you do? He was a loving, happy, gay dog.

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