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Russia: Arkhangelsk is the first region to repeal local anti-gay ‘propaganda’ law

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  1. Bill Cameron 6 Nov 2013, 1:47pm

    Great news in theory, except it seems they have done this only because there is now a federal law across the whole of Russia, making their local law superfluous. So it’s not really such great news at all.

    1. Indeed! This is not “good news” at all!

      “lawmakers in Arkhangelsk believe there is no longer a need for a local law given the recent federal ban, signed into law in June by President Vladimir Putin.”

      In fact, all this news tells us is that some local authorities in Russia are UNITING behind Russia’s federal, over-arching, nationwide anti-gay legislation!

  2. ♪♫ Everybody shufflen’♫♪ One step forward, two steps back, toss a bylaw, in favour of Federal attack. The suckage is strong with this story. :P

  3. This seems like a bit of a non-story, all they’ve done is remove a local law in favour of the exact same national law, because it was redundant. Nothing has changed, except for a bit of text in a law book.

  4. “…today it was announced that lawmakers in Arkhangelsk believe there is no longer a need for a local law given the recent federal ban…”
    So, in other words, the law wasn’t actually repealed, it was merely tidied up due to an almost identical law implemented on a higher level.

  5. A totally misleading headline for a non-story.

    1. Really,very misleading.

    2. barrybear1980 6 Nov 2013, 7:43pm

      Totally, I was getting ready to be excited, this is such a non story, why is it here?

  6. Agree with the above.
    I doubt this story’s accuracy.
    The “victory” has been announced by Nikolai Alekseyev – who thanks Nikolai Alekseyev.
    You do realise that GayRussia, who you quote, is just Nikolai Alekseyev…

    1. No, it’s factually correct, but misleading.

  7. This is NOT necessarily good news!

  8. I guess it’s too much to ask you to correct this nonsense non-story?


  9. This is not good news at all, they are simply abandoning the law because it’s a federal nation-wide law that they no longer need on their books.

    This doesn’t change anything and no one has won.

    Nothing is going to change unless the Russian government itself is challenged for abuse of Human Rights.

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