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Irish Labour MEP calls for equal marriage referendum to be held next year rather than 2015

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  1. onesecond 6 Nov 2013, 4:59pm

    Why do they need a referendum? Just make equal marriage legal now and move on.

    1. Because in Ireland, any changes made to our Constitution need to be put to a referendum by the voters. It’s enshrined in our Constitution as it stops the Government from having too much power.

  2. Regular readers will know I have always thought we should have gone back to the Supreme Court several years ago, as the constitution is far from clear, and I think we could have won. But LGBT leaders in Ireland took a different view and argued it would be quicker and cleaner to get a referendum, which we have now been promised.

    So if we have to have this referendum, please can we make sure it really is quick and clean, and get it over with as quickly as possible. I am not relishing the thought of 18 months of public debate over the morality of my overseas marriage.

  3. Beelzeebub 6 Nov 2013, 7:24pm

    Which part of a minorities equal rights should NEVER be put up to a majority vote does this and the other idiots not understand.

    And why is the only valid for gays.

    I’m pretty sure there was no “conscience” votes on racial or disabled rights.

    How dare they.

    1. Yes I agree with you that the majority shouldn’t vote on the rights of the minority but we’ve got a different legal system in Ireland than many other countries. Any changes made to our Constitution need to be put to a referendum by the voters. This is enshrined in our Constitution as it stops the Government from having too much power as they can’t just past anything without the public getting a say in it. Our Constitution defines marriage and the family are between a man and a woman so to change that we need to have a referendum.

  4. Keith moral educator 6 Nov 2013, 7:27pm

    No, its not good idea: the Catholic Church needs an maximum of time to prepare properly for the campaign. We can not make same mistake as in France.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Nov 2013, 7:41pm

      The catholic cult can take as long as it wants. It didn’t do it much good in Spain, Portugal, Belgium or France. Equal marriage passed overwhelmingly in spite of the opposition. So too will it pass in Ireland.

      The catholic cult is hardly in a position to pass moral judgment given it’s track record of global paedophilia and misogyny for centuries, oppression of indigenous people in Latin America by the Conquistadores, the persecution of Jews in Spain during the Inquisition under the Torquemadas and in the Irish Magdelene laundries and the abuse of young women by priests their care. Totally and morally bankrupt in my opinion.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Nov 2013, 10:36pm

        …by priests in their care….

  5. The Irish Const is clearly a massively flawed document if it requires a public vote on human and civil rights of minorities.

    How many other minority groups’ rights subject to popular opinion.

    If this vote fails then Irelandnis declaring itself a backward dump where gay people are 2nd class citizens with no access to justice
    Or is it just the gays?

  6. The Family Law act needs to be passed first, which will make the majority of arguments against void. The Govt knows this, and knows this will make it much more likely to be passed. Thats why they` ve gone for 2015, to minimise the risk.

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