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London protest planned for Russian conductor who says anti-gay laws protect ‘children from paedophiles’

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  1. The law does not ‘target pedophilia’ because nowhere in the law does it ever say pedophilia. And if I recall correctly, the initial draft of the law referred exclusively and specifically to gay men and lesbians, not to pedophiles.
    Valery Gergiev is either willfully ignorant, or complicit in the current and inevitable future abuses this law inspires.

  2. Derek Williams 5 Nov 2013, 4:27pm

    This ridiculous law proclaims that only homosexuals are pedophiles, whereas over 90% of pedophiles identify as heterosexual, and of those, the majority are the girl’s father/stepfather.

  3. BlokeToys 5 Nov 2013, 4:35pm

    The man is a bigot and a homophobe, but unfortunately he reflects the same bigoted and ignorant views of many of his fellow Russians. Russian society is one of the most ignorant in the developed world, this is proven by their attitudes to their fellow Russians and their nonsense preaching on subjects they clearly know nothing about.

    Russia is the global equivalent of the American Bible-Belt, full of backward thinking idiots, the refusal of common sense, a massive lack of intellect and a failure to accept science over religious dogma.

    This man is just preaching what many more ignorant Russians actually think, they are so backward and idiotic it’s unreal.

    Good on Tatchell for calling attention to this hateful little ignoramus. I’m glad the Barbican was finally forced to make a statement about it. It’s just a shame that they continue to be hypocrites, saying one thing and then acting in support of these fascists.

    It’s also a shame that those musicians will be voluntarily playing.

  4. As above most are straight and not gay – what a total moron this bloke is

  5. I hope the London Symphony Orchestra are ashamed of themselves for employing a known homophobe. Would they employ a racist or anti-semite – I think not.

    I can no longer listen to anything the LSO have performed until they get rid of this bigot.

    1. Alex Verney-Elliott 7 Nov 2013, 4:38pm

      Valery Gergiev is a third rate conductor and the LSO is a third rate orchestra; Gergiev recorded terribly loud fascist performances of Strauss’s Elektra and Mahler’s Symphonies on the LSO’s naff CD label; Gergiev is a charlatan and a homophobe and fascist thug conductor so has a lot in common with fascist homophobe thug leader Putin!

  6. Philip Breen 5 Nov 2013, 5:49pm

    Sadly, the reality is not much different in the UK in some respects and the government gets away with it. Curiously, nobody seems bothered. The victory over gay marriage is noteworthy, but other homophobic laws in the UK that even allow the presumption that gay men are more likely to molest children than anyone else, remain unchallenged. Legislation for the disclosure of spent criminal offences operates in this way in the UK even in 2013. Otherwise, why would the old spent gay offences be listed as offences that will always be disclosed?

  7. Valery Gergiev is an evil bigot who needs to have his work permit for this country revoked,

    This law does NOT target paedophiles. Paedophilia is already a crime in Russia and punishable by jail.

    This law is designed specifically to persecute gay people.

    His appalling attempts to link paedophilia with homosexuality should be views as incitement to hatred.

    I hope there are protests during the performance as well .

    Valery Gergiev is an uncivilised bigot.

  8. And people who can’t attend the protest should at least send a letter of protest to
    or ring the Barbican, on 020 7638 4141 and ask to be speak to an officer of the London Symphony Orchestra.

    Well done,

    And shame on

    Gavin Plumley, openly gay classical music commentator and lecturer, has chosen to say absolutely NOTHING about this issue on his blog at ENTARTETE MUSIK.

    It’s time to shame all collaborators who collaborate with Putin’s collaborators.

    I for one will be reading
    from now on
    and not

    1. Colin (london) 5 Nov 2013, 7:27pm

      Thanks Eddy…..Will email

  9. Colin (london) 5 Nov 2013, 7:26pm

    Well done Peter.
    Sadly I’m in NZ or I would be there to support.
    Best wishes

  10. Criminal Code: Sexual relations and other action of a sexual nature with a person under the age of sixteen (16), Chapter 18, Article 134
    Sexual intercourse, buggery [‘muzhelozhstvo’] or lesbianism, committed by a person over 18 on a person admittedly under 14 is punishable by limitation of freedom up to three years or deprivation of freedom up to four years [R1.2] – Valery Gergiev agrees with this law and Tatchell does not , hence the intimidation from the homo-lobby .I’m sure Gergiev also disagrees with Tatchell when he said :
    The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.
    While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.

  11. Maybe that drumming group who got an earful when they disrupted Helen Mirren’s play should join this protest. They say they want a peaceful protest. They say nothing about it being a quiet one.

  12. Is there a link to the Volkskrant article/quote? Google doesn’t seem to produce one, and neither this article nor Orpheus Complex give a source for the quotes, and I’d like to hope that readers don’t just automatically believe everything they read on here…

  13. Derek Williams 6 Nov 2013, 10:03pm

    Valery Gergiev appears to be saying that pedophilia was legal in Russia before this anti-gay law, and that now because of it, children are safe because “only gays are pedophiles”. If so, he is seriously misinformed. If most homosexuals truly were pedophiles then we would not be legal in 120 out of the 196 countries of the world, let alone with equal rights including civil partnerships in most, and same sex marriage in 16. Research is freely available:

    The University of California:

    American Psychological Association (over 173,000 members, the largest such professional body in the world):

    Russian children do not need a special law to protect them from LGBT people, it is the other way round. LGBT of all ages need protection from their hostile government.

  14. Just another disgusting Russian liar. I hope the concert is disrupted. Not just a peaceful speech outside the hall, but a disruption that causes the concert to be canceled. Gergiev has blood on his hands and so do people who support him.

    1. You hope his concert will be disrupted?! What about respect to audience? What about respect to the other musicians in orchestra? Or you think that only gays should be protected and respected?

  15. Hahah, funny. One source quoted a phrase (translated from Russian) and everyone now repeats it. Most people even do not bother to check what source where and if translation is correct. Every researcher knows that if you take a phrase out and present it separately all context will change.

  16. Alex Verney-Elliott 7 Nov 2013, 4:51pm

    Valery Gergiev is a third rate conductor and the LSO is a third rate orchestra; Gergiev recorded terribly loud fascist performances of Strauss’s Elektra and Mahler’s Symphonies on the LSO’s naff CD label; Gergiev is a charlatan and a homophobe and fascist thug conductor so has a lot in common with fascist homophobe thug leader Putin!

    1. I might agree with you that Gergiev has more than questionable morals, however, he is a first-rate musician.

      This is one of the things that disappoints me the most. He has been one of my conducting idols for years, and I am heart-broken to hear that he is such a Putin-quizzling, and claims such horrible homophobic beliefs.

  17. Alex Verney-Elliott 7 Nov 2013, 5:21pm

    Tatchell was wrong to say that Gergiev is a great conductor. Valery Gergiev is a third rate conductor and the LSO is a third rate orchestra; Gergiev recorded terribly loud and grotesquely fascist performances of Strauss’s Elektra and Mahler’s Symphonies and when I heard him at the Barbican Hall he could not conduct Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring to save his life (for he had no understanding of the tempi and dynamics and so the performance just fell flat and fell apart!)

    Gergiev is a charlatan and a homophobe and fascist thug conductor and so he has a lot in common with fascist homophobe thug leader Putin! The LSO must sack Gergiev and the Barbican Hall must ban Gergiev.

  18. Meanwhile BBC children’s TV is describing Russia as “a strong and modern country”

    1. … and, in case you were wondering, CBBC has never reported a word about the anti-gay laws or homophobia in Russia.

  19. James Campbell 8 Nov 2013, 12:43am

    I work with children, many of whom have been abused, the vast majority within their own family and by straight relatives. “I have too busy a schedule to explore this matter in detail.” and obviously too dim to understand the difference between homosexuality and paedophilia. Stick to music Valery.

  20. Christopher Coleman 8 Nov 2013, 6:05pm

    Whatever the merits or otherwise of this musician’s opinion, he is certainly wrong in a very major way. There is no law in the entire world, nor can there ever be, that can prevent an action by forbidding it. The law can only punish after the forbidden action is performed. This error is common among autocrats.

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