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Amnesty condemns anti-gay attack on Russian HIV group, leaving man blinded in eye

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

    Putin is a fascist, his police are fascists, his military is fascist, and he is directly reading from the Nazi playbook in building fanatical Nationalism in the country in an effort to gain complete and utter control over the population.

    Hitler did exactly the same things, had goon squads out on the streets intimidating and assaulting people, forcing people into seclusion because their rights publicly were taken away, then attacking those secluded groups.

    If our governments do not start doing something to stop this now, we will see prison camps opening, people disappearing, and in another ten years we’ll have stories of horrific abuse by the Russian military and police across the country.

    No other country really believed what was happening under Nazi rule until they walked into the concentration camps. We must not allow Putin and his abuses to go under the radar in the same way.

  2. The Sochi Olympic Shame should not go ahead as things stand.
    Speaking of concentration camps, consider what has already happened to the girls from Pussy Riot, a fascist state is not the proper setting for an Olympics event.

    1. Proposals are already being put forward to move the homeless to specially built facilities in remote areas of the country, to make sure the streets are clean, safe, and drug free, of course. *cough* bullsh-t *cough*.
      It’s not been debated or signed into law, but give it time.

  3. Decent people musn’t authenthicate Putin’s regime by attending in Sochi Olympics whether via travelling to Russia or watching TV-broadcasts of the Winter games, unless anti-gay propaganda laws are not repealed. I mean ordinary people, not athletes.

  4. Well said, Amnesty International, when still, as far as I am aware, there has been not a word of condemnation from either William Hague or Call-Me-Dave, or any other leading politician for that matter, for the outrageous and violent targeting of innocent gay men in Russia.

  5. KitCrewbucket 5 Nov 2013, 3:39pm

    Slightly off topic but…

    It’s interesting that Amnesty condemns homophobia such as this whilst simultaneously filling their catalogues with items produced in countries such as Kenya and Pakistan that criminalise homosexuality

  6. Makes Putin’s reassurance about gay athletes being able to feel ‘comfortable’ less convincing doesn’t it? Just suppose Putin’s thugs (official or otherwise) take it upon themselves to mount a similar attack on visitors? I think the ONLY way to prevent harm to visiting athletes is move The Sochi Homophobic Games to another country. It’s not too late. Unless the games ARE moved, the world is simply condoning this sort of mindless and disgusting violence. The IOC and governments around the world should be totally ashamed. Their lack of action is tantamount to endorsement of Putin’s dictatorship and the similarities to pre-WWII Germany are frightening.

  7. You don’t see these kind of stories on RT NEWS do you! Have you seen there latest advert on their own channel promoting themselves as some kind of all embracing russian version of BBC News! Doh! Don’t make me laugh! The Russian police walked out because they realised what section of society they were dealing with. They just did’nt want to know! Still want to go to Soshi anyone ???

  8. “The St Petersburg Public Prosecutor has reportedly opened an investigation into “hooliganism” after the attack.”

    Oh, it’s that most serious of crimes, “hooliganism”. So I suppose they’ll pursue these criminals as vigorously as they did Pussy Riot for going to church? LOL
    This is the reason why Russia has one of the world’s fastest growing rates for HIV infections. It will only get worse as people who are unsure about their status do not get themselves checked, out of fear of being cast as homosexuals and attacked.

  9. Derek Williams 5 Nov 2013, 4:14pm

    If past behaviour is anything to go by, the police will let the attackers walk and they will charge the gay victim with ‘extremism’ and ‘propaganda’. People will say he brought it on himself by being gay.

  10. Frank Boulton 6 Nov 2013, 12:09pm

    Last week, Putin said that LGBT athletes and fans attending the Winter Olympics would “feel comfortable in Sochi, regardless of nationality, race or sexual orientation”.

    Wow, Vlad, is a bullet in the eye your idea of “comfort”? Is this a measure of the standards of care and hospitality that athletes and fans attending the Winter Olympics can expect?

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