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Video: Children react to same-sex proposals

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Reader comments

  1. Out of the mouths of babes… They are the future and there is hope.

  2. Grumpy git 4 Nov 2013, 10:28pm

    The kid in the pink shirt is *so* going to be gay when he’s older…

  3. Iain Logan 4 Nov 2013, 11:49pm

    This is beautiful

  4. OMG thats funny, Very cool, American kids for you :)

  5. Christopher in Canada 5 Nov 2013, 3:09am

    Ok, Walt Disney – YOUR TURN!!

  6. Innocence uncorrupted. Beautiful.

  7. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Nov 2013, 12:50pm

    Children are far ahead of grown ups ! Beautiful fact.

  8. Just fantastic, what lovely kids/young adults!

  9. Colin (London) 5 Nov 2013, 7:51pm

    I just loved it and have sent it to friends and family.
    This shows us that hatred is taught.

    What great kids and the people who made this video
    Thank you

  10. Am I the only who thinks these children have mastered the art of giving a politically correct answer? Their affirming smiles and words of support are so forced and awkward.

  11. Beautiful, most adults are so mean and they just don’t understand. Out of the 13 kids they talked to, only 1 was against same sex marriage, and he didn’t even know why; he was probably just told by his parents that it is unnatural and wrong, kids need to have their own opinions.

  12. thre is hope on the horizon! most of those “brainwashers” still breath’n will have no power and will be push’n up daisey’s soon enough! kudo’s kids!!

  13. cry me a river
    build me a bridge
    and get over it.

    Classic :-)

  14. Oh someone please, translate this into Russian !!

  15. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few”
    ― Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

  16. After my wedding, my 5 year old niece asked my sister if she could marry a boy when she grows up.

  17. These children have be prompted what to say before their interviews, the language used especially by the younger children would not be in their vocabulary.
    When I was at school 99% of children bullied the gay children, and when I walk past the school in 2013, or read the graffiti in the bus stop nothing as changed.

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