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Tory MP Stuart Andrew: Homophobia in electoral campaigning is unacceptable

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Reader comments

  1. Angela Merkel should be forced to listen to this guy.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 5 Nov 2013, 12:39pm

    Good luck with that Stuart Andrew. I suspect there will be some resistance among the homophobes in his own party to get on board. Try convincing 127 Tories, slightly more than 50% of the Tory party voting against the equal marriage bill kow-towing to homophobic constituents and hate groups such as C4M, Christian Institute, Anglican Mainstream and Christian Concern.

  3. He’s my local MP, follow & him on facebook and where I live there isa lot of homophobic abuse, just from walking down the street or getting on the buses and it comes from high school kids. Not seen him out and about been an homophobic activist that much.

    Saying that I will hold my hands up and say what he did very for the local heart surgery centre in Leeds was absolutely wonderful and I was proud with what he did, well done Stuart !!!

  4. Right, Stu. Better start with your Baroness Box-tick (a.k.a. Warsi), then. Her foul homophobia was practically the theme behind her campaigns. Bet you won’t, though.

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