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Speaker John Boehner says LGBT discrimination law would ‘cost US jobs’

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Reader comments

  1. Derek Williams 4 Nov 2013, 5:54pm

    Oh yes, if you allow LGBT to work, then all hell will break loose.

  2. He would suit a white pointed hood.

  3. I’m not sure I understand how US jobs depend on homophobic discrimination?

  4. Darren Yehuda 4 Nov 2013, 6:36pm

    And the headline reads, “Boner is a prick!”

  5. Metsän poika 4 Nov 2013, 11:59pm

    Aaaahhh America, land of twisted logic and self delusion.

  6. Christopher in Canada 5 Nov 2013, 3:23am

    Typical Repugnican – put dollars in front of human rights.

  7. Christopher Coleman 5 Nov 2013, 4:30am

    Interesting how a concern for US jobs surfaces only in the face of anti-discrimination. At all other times the Republicans are happy to let their cronies send US jobs overseas. Hypocrisy is their art and religion. I’d call them swine, but that would be an insult to pigs.

  8. And not passing ENDA continues to cost many gay men their jobs. Boehner doesn’t even pretend that LGBT people aren’t second-class citizens.

  9. If this were the 1950’s he would be saying the same thing about black people and their rights too.
    These extremist Republicans need to be thrown out of the party, they are using their bigotry and hatred to hijack the democratic process, and they should be expelled and forced to form their own extremist party like Golden Dawn, leaving the moderate Republicans to focus on the things that Americans actually care about when it comes to conservative government – economic conservatism.

    Just as is happening with the religious extremists in the US, every time one of these Republican bigots open their mouths it turns another thousand people away from their party. They have to act now to remain relevant to American society, if they don’t remove the poisonous fanatics soon they will become a joke across the country and stand absolutely no chance of winning any election in the future.

    The party has to be split if the moderate fiscal conservatives ever want to have a seat in the government again.

  10. ENDA is long overdue, since being introduced to Congress in wait for it…

    1994 (19 years ago)!!!!!

    Those eyes scream Halloween!

    Those eyes scream I like men!

    ENDA is GOOD for business – NOT bad for business, what a stupid bigoted asshat!!!!!

    GOP – Good Old Procrastination!!!!!!

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