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Russia: Man shot in eye during attack on LGBT activists in St Petersburg

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  1. Any British athlete that competes at Sochi and who does not condemn the situation in Russia is a fascist collaborator and deserves outright condemnation.

    1. Yes, SteveC, indeed it’s time to resurrect that shameful term “collaborator” and apply it to all those who do not speak out and speak against the current persecution of LGBTIs in Russia.

      We need to ask anyone involved in anything Russian, whether it be sport, politics, art, or music: “Are you a collaborator? Are you collaborating with the Russian government’s persecution of LGBTIs?”

      We need to ask that question and to ask it without fear. It’s the people on the receiving end of this question who may need to feel discomfort.

    2. Let’s all use Facebook, Twitter, and email to share the following powerful video regarding the persecution of LGBTI people in Russia:

  2. No mention of this on mainstream news, you’ll notice.

    Yet, if this were a KKK attack on a cultural center in the U.S, an Islamic extremist group attacking Christians, or a group of men attacking a women’s center, there would rightly be international outrage and it would be being discussed on every mainstream news channel as a terrorist attack.

    This fits the definition of a terrorist attack, and the fact that the police there have walked away shows government and state collusion with the incident.

    This is exactly what some of us said would happen. This is EXACTLY what happened in Germany before Hitler started rounding people up for the camps. Hitler had his private goon squads roaming the streets under the protection of the Police, attacking people at will and terrorizing a population into turning on each other under a form of insane ultra-nationalism, and Russia is doing the same.

    Putin is a fascist, the St Petersburg police are fascists. LGBT Russians need to get out now.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Nov 2013, 12:35pm

    Disgusting! What pisses me off is that some Tory MPs are making noise about the persecution of Christians in the middle east yet don’t give a toss about LGBT rights being violated and lives threatened.

  4. I think it would be better to have a peaceful life in Russia than get involved in activism. One cannot defeat the authorities. Especially not in ‘strong arm’ nations

    1. But, keef, it’s become absolutely clear that in Russia right now it is not at all possible for LGBTI people to have “a peaceful life”. The Russian authorities do not wish to allow Russian LGBTIs to have “a peaceful life”. The Russian authorities have brought about an atmosphere in which LGBTIs must go about in fear and in secret.

      That a Russian organization devoted to assisting people with a serious illness has been brutally attacked because it administers to gay men is truly shocking, truly horrifying, and deeply worrying.

      William Hague ought to be issuing a statement on this attack sometime today.

      Will he?

      If not, why not?

      1. If homosexuals in Russia do not promote it to others, there will be no problem with the authorities because homosexiuality is completely legal there. Since the majority of Russians are against homosexuality this seems reasonable that people keep it private just as we would not go around Britain or the US promoting s/c-at= which is also legal yet fmost people find repulsive.
        I would expextct the authorities in Britain to take action against promotion of s/c-at= , especially if I became anm activist for the practice and promoted or endorsed it publicly where there are children.

        1. Keef, can you really not see the vast gulf of a difference that there is between a person’s liking for excrement and the right of Russia’s homosexual citizens to go about in Russia with their heads held high, being proud of their sexuality, not having to conceal it, and being able to assist young Russians who are having grave difficulty in dealing with their sexuality?

          Can you REALLY not see the difference?

          Do you REALLY equate a love of excrement to being gay or lesbian?

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Nov 2013, 2:12pm

            He always uses the excrement terminology to the point of obsession but then he’s one piece of human detritus isn’t he? One very sick individual who needs to get into long-term therapy. The closet is a terrible place in which to live.

    2. If I remember rightly, that is EXACTLY the justification German citizens’ gave after WWII for their inaction against Hitler and the holocaust. In this world, there are those who will stand-up for what is right – and there are people like you. No doubt you have sat back and taken advantage of all the freedoms and acceptance gay people are starting to enjoy thanks to the bravery of those who were prepared to put their heads above the parapet on your behalf.

  5. It will soon by the 75th. anniversary of KRISTALLNACHT. November 9th 1939 when all jewish business in pre war nazi Germany were scapegoated and attacked by gangs of thugs-whilst the police stood by and did nothing to stop it. It was a major escalation in the scapegoating and persecuting of jewish people in the German state. I daresay other countries just looked on and decided it was “nothing to do with them” and did nothing about it.

    Am I alone in seeing the terrifying comparison of what is happening here -in 2013-to LGBT people living in Russia?

    1. John, your comment reminds me of Christian professor of education who was a minister of religion on the site and who led a class I attended in the late 1980s. She uttered something in her lecture which seemed to suggest that she thought that AIDS was not one of our greatest concerns (as it most certainly was at that time). When the lecture was over, I questioned her on this, and her response, in front of the class of 30 or so graduates, went something like, “Oh, but AIDS is all to do with gay men”.

      So, it was nothing to do with her, she thought, nothing to do with society in general.

      And, you’re right, the REAL concern of Western governments for the welfare of we homosexual citizens shows itself in their lack of concern for the persecution of homosexual people that is now occurring in Russia.

      Come on, William Hague and David Cameron! Giving the homosexuals the right to marry is not enough. Your responsibilities in that department are not over!

  6. The Russian Orthodox Church, whose founding “saints”, Basil and John Chrysostom compared homosexuals to murderers and labeled homosexuals as “intrinsically evil” is widely believed to support many of these attacks on LGBTs and has never condemned the violence which is now more widely practiced in Russia. Legislators like Vitaly Milonov, a staunch supporter of Russian Orthodoxy was interviewed by Stephen Fry in his recent BBC documentary and exposed as a dunce. The attack on the center was preceded by an attack and disruption of a Halloween event in St Petersburg, led by Milonov, who called the police.

  7. friday jones 4 Nov 2013, 3:50pm

    How in the hell can the police claim there wa s”no evidence of a crime” when there was a fuggin’ BULLET in a guy’s fuggin’ EYE?!? Isn’t a gunshot wound generally considered evidence that some kind of crime has been committed?

  8. Always Coca-Cola!

  9. The Russian Embassy must be feeling the heat. In August they put up a Q&A about LGBT issues on their website. Naturally it was a load of boll ocks and lies, but you were invited to leave comments. I just went back there for the first time in a couple of months to see what elese had been written. I was encouraged to see they now had a banner on their front page [Is Russia anti LGBT], which linked to that Q&A.

    What was less encouraging was that they had deleted the pages of comments and were making out they hadn’t receieved any. I imagine this was because NOT ONE supported their position and they all decried the new anti LGBT laws as disgusting.

    Please feel free to let the Ambassador know how you feel and pass it on…you don’t need to give your real email address if you don’t want to.

  10. soapbubblequeen 4 Nov 2013, 7:29pm

    Is no one going to stand up to these despicable evil people?!! More pressure needs to be put on the IOC to show to Putin this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable, and that Russia should hang her head in shame.

  11. As Johnny Weir says ” you have to respect their culture”. In Russian culture today, it’s quite acceptable to bash or shoot a fag. Who are we to criticise that? In Iran it’s their culture to hang fags. That’s fine. In the Third Reich they murdered Jews, gypsies, gays, disabled people, communists, socialists, Christians and basically anyone who didn’t submit – but hey, that was their culture…..

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Nov 2013, 1:21pm

      Yes, focus on other countries too. IMPORTANT ! ( It is not in Iranian traditional culture to hang gays and lesbans. It is within the present political system, with a strong interpretation of Islam to do these horrible executons etc. Blame the fascistic mullahs – Before Khomeini came into power- the Iranian society was very different. )

  12. Frank Boulton 5 Nov 2013, 4:37am

    This incident is one of the clearest indicators yet that the rising tide of violent, homophobic attacks in Russia is being colluded in and supported by the state. A man has been left with a bullet in his eye and the police have been reported as “saying they saw no evidence of a crime.” Such incidents need to be reported as widely as possible, so that fewer people are taken in by the assertions of Putin and his supporters that there is no homophobic discrimination in the Russian Federation.

  13. Use Facebook, Twitter, and email to share the following powerful video regarding the persecution of LGBTI people in Russia:

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Nov 2013, 1:08pm

    It is so sad to notice that top politicians in so many countries in Europe- my own Norway included- do not react strongly enough to fight this evil fascsm in Russia. Nice and friendly words, whispered in someones ears IS NOT ENOUGH ! Stronger actions, cowards ! Erna, our new prime minister is far too slow ! ( Still it is all about oil in Norway; oil and money, Money, Money. Makes me shiver. )

  15. There’s THAT group of people in every country, most of them are low-educated, young, agressive and suffered from bad treatment in family or school or any other social institute. Mostly they’re called neo-nazists. And they see no difference where to put their agression: LGBT, immigrants, politic opponents, opposite football team or a neibourhood cat. Russian problem is that the goverment use the neo-nazists to do all the dirty work. Because unfortunately some of that bustards are in the goverment. There is nothing between Russian Neo-nazi and Russian people, that’s why this situation doesn’t reflect the peoples’ mind.

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