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Marriage tax allowance to benefit 420,000 London married couples and civil partners

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Reader comments

  1. Surely this would better be described as a ‘single’s tax.’ Discriminatory tax policies based on marital status is surely a new low even for this dreadful government, so much for their pre-election claim that they are no longer the nasty party.

    Is there any chance that this can be challenged under the Equalities Acct or will the Tories simply ignore or amend it?

    Unfortunately there’s also little chance that the supposedly pro-equality Labour Party will grow a backbone and promise to reverse it.

  2. This is intended show disapproval of single people by penalising them with higher taxes.

    The Tories are still the Nasty Party. They’ve obviously forgotten that 40% of households are comprised of single people and aren’t clever enough to realise that it’s not a good idea to alienate them.

    They’ll have a rude awakening at the General Election.

  3. You can keep your £200. It’s a disgrace – it’s only intent to say marriage is better, and single people are paying for it. Do they know how much more expensive it already is to be single in London! Who the hell gets married for £200,or thinks we shouldn’t divorce as we’ll stop getting that £200! What about couples that don’t wish to marry, those that are widowed are they not as equal in the governments eyes. This is a classic Tory policy – but WTF are the Lib Dems thinking!

  4. Colin (London) 5 Nov 2013, 5:56am

    I do not agree with this… married/civil partners with 2 incomes get another benefit while single people have to pay housing etc., themselves………There should be no allowances…… family allowance…it’s personal choice so why should single people have to subsidise people who want kids……give the allowances to charity….where it should do more good.

  5. Craig Nelson 5 Nov 2013, 10:09am

    The people getting this benefit are people paying income tax and therefore already better off. I do not begrudge them the money but at a time where people are losing their homes because of the bedroom tax I think it is obscene.

  6. Paul Brownsey 5 Nov 2013, 10:37am

    Why does this story emphasise the number of *London* couples who will benefit?

    Is this tax break that applies only to those living in London?

    Are those of us in the rest of the UK drooling for info about what goes on in London and indifferent about what applies in our own humble nowheresville patches? No.

    So is it just journalistic incompetence that causes Pink News to emphasise London here?

    Or have I missed something and the site is really called “LONDON Pink News”?

  7. This is social engineering, it’s sickening, and it’s abusive.
    Tax has to come from somewhere to pay off these little bribes, and single people will once again be footing the bill, while being priced out of the housing market too.

    This country has long been attacking single people, using them as piggy banks, beating the money out of them, using them to prop up a system where a privileged few are given numerous handouts simply for breeding.

    The fact that this report solely focuses on London yet again shows the massive divide in this country. The further North you go the worse things seem to get. Neglected, surfs, plebs only allowed to exist if they are funding the rich in the capital.

    Have things really changed that much since the days of a king ruling the surfs and using the wealth of those outside of the capital to pay for the loyalty of his own followers?

    No wonder so many of our young people are hoping to leave the UK one day, this country is becoming hostile to them.

  8. PantoHorse 5 Nov 2013, 12:55pm

    Total non-story. Law affects straight and gay people. Whoop de doo.

    How about you do some real investigative journalism around how condem cuts disproportionally affect LGBT people? Or are you just going to stick with the lifted clickbait you usually publish?

  9. This was previously announced as a transferable tax allowance from one spouse/civil partner to another. In my case and for many couples with two earners, it will be an empty gesture if both partners are paying tax. If that is still the case (not clear from story) then the headline of so many couples benefitting is misleading.

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