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Eminem denies homophobic intent behind lyrics: ‘I never equated those kinds of words’ with homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. This primate is so Illuminati, you should be able to see it through closed eyes.

    1. Dear god.. can you kindly go and find a very deep hole and bury yourself in it… illuminati idiots annoy me more than homophobes..

    2. Like all illuminati conspiracists, you’ve been smoking too much weed.

    3. Say what you want (and of course, safely behind your keyboards you will), but the information’s out there. You’re too sheeple to realize or even know how & where to look. So, run alongnow, go get some fast food, and watch your DVRed “Dancing With The Stars” episodes.
      I apparently have more weed to go smoke.

  2. Bill Cameron 4 Nov 2013, 6:39pm

    Sorry, but this [rich] vulgar, idiot thinks he can have it both ways! Is he really that stupid, or just completely self-obsessed with none of his hangers-on having the courage to call him out on this nonsense?! He seems also to think it’s ‘funny’ to use the word ‘bitch’ as a joke.

  3. He’s obviously in denial

    1. .....Paddyswurds 5 Nov 2013, 11:05am

      I agree with your sentiment Dan, This is what we used to call a rough trade queen, trying desperately to “act straight” by being homophobic…….

  4. Would someone just take that lame excuse out the back yard and put it out of its misery?

    He’s stretching credibility distancing himself from the homophobic trash talk as “a persona” whilst claiming he never associated that kind of language with homophobia.

    If you’re going to backpeddle, at least be consistant.

  5. Until the community starts seriously going after the record companies who release hate music, nothing will change.

    Going after Eminem or Beenieman or 50 Cent is a colossal waste of time.

    Don’t go after the “hate” drug sellers on the street, go after those who distribute and finance the “hate” drugs into the country.

  6. I’m so upset I can’t think of any witty retorts. What a horrible person he is.

  7. Colin (London) 4 Nov 2013, 7:24pm

    This man is low life human being.

    This is all to keep him in the headlines.

    Gutter type…move on

  8. Hatred sales records and that is all what he is worried about. Sorry, but true.

  9. soapbubblequeen 4 Nov 2013, 7:36pm

    Goodness, what a positively articulate defense! I don’t believe him for a second. This wretch is in fact partly responsible for legitimizing homophobic violence around the world by every person that listens to his “music”. Makes me sick.

  10. The article itself signals the whole point – this poison has ‘topped the charts’. As long as it sells and pulls in the money then cynical self-serving toads like him will churn it out. Excuses and rationalizations produced in interviews afterwards are just ritually generated hot air.

  11. 2much2soon 4 Nov 2013, 8:40pm

    Pathetic bonehead. He’s obviously scared of his own repressed sexuality and urgently needs a shrink.

    1. Totally correct!!!!

  12. What an unpolished turd.

  13. Aww! go on shock us all, drop your pants and show us your flabby, spotty ass again Eminem, you know you love to do that to get attention… but remember you are now in your 40’s.

    1. Time is not going to be kind to him.

    2. Isn’t one of his song lyrics “…whoops there goes gravity!” which was what I said when he started flashing his ass in his videos

  14. St Sebastian, the humanist 4 Nov 2013, 11:41pm


  15. I can’t believe that there are people in Britain who keep falling for Eminem’s marketing ploys. The man is as fake as a three pound note. Everything he does is based on a carefully planned marketing strategy. From the constantly mean face to the homophobic slurs, it’s a manufactured strategy that is all about image. If he were to smile or say something nice about gay men, it would destroy his image…and his wealth.

    The saddest thing is that he is now a 41 year-old multi-millionaire living in a mansion with a bulging bank accouont, and yet pretends that he’s a victim. Victim, victim, victim…it’s about him being a poor victim. Yeah, right. With millions in his bank account, I wouldn’t mind being the kind of victim he is.

  16. There was a rumor that Eminem might be bisexual.


  18. Being offensive and shocking is just a period style now, both it and Eminem have aged and become old fashioned and rather embarrassing.

  19. It is rather sad that these people seem to think they are creating art, when in fact their lyrical ability is about as subtle and imaginative as a sledgehammer. This is trash rap, the poor-quality BS equivalent of karaoke pop music, simple minded and written for the dumbest listeners.

    The only reason is gets the attention it does is because it’s threatening and saturates the market, so teens lap it up thinking it’s something more than it is.

    This is a grown man peddling trash as if it’s art, selling it to kids who don’t know what art actually is.

    I don’t care much about his excuses, I’m just infuriated generally with the state of modern music – nonsense BS that means nothing, produced by performers who would never have evolved beyond a karaoke night in the local dive bar if it were not for their stunts and eagerness to sell their own grandmother for a record deal.

    It’s all about the personality and a stage show to make money, nothing to do with creating art.

  20. So what he’s really saying is: “I write lyrics which say ‘Kill the gays’ …. but I don’t mean it …”
    Not only do you advocate homophobic violence but you add insult to injury by pretending you didn’t do it …

  21. How can he say it’s not meant in a homophobic way when he’s blatantly saying about hitting a “f*gg*t” and then talks about mocking a little gay boy. If this wasn’t meant in that way then I’m sure there would’ve been better words to put into the lyrics. This song should not be played on any radio station and taken off the album in my opinion – at the end of the day it’s all his fault if/when it’s pulled!

  22. ……this is sort of annoying because people ought to know by now that this Cretin is only harboring deep resentment towards Gays because he ‘IS’ himself and therefore thinks that the more he condemns ‘homosexuality’ the more the public will feel he’s totally straight….how sad can one get…

    1. Totally correct. It’s ALL about denial and self-loathing. Perhaps these homophobic lyrics are actually autobiographical …..?

  23. He has been transphobic in his songs too, as well as encouraging violence against women. But I still like his music. To me they do tell a story of how sad and depraved America is…

  24. Lawrence Chevalier 5 Nov 2013, 4:44pm

    Promoting violence ? … substitute N**ger or American Indian for F***got … Would that be acceptable? I think his intent was homophobic. Come on dude, don’t lie. You’re intent was hate.

  25. His outdated music is not going to hold up any more so i guess being pointlessly vulgar will spark some reaction and grab the last bit of limelight he can get best thing anyone can do is ignore him and let him become a male Norma Desmond

  26. There are many ppl like this guy out there including many LBG bigots bullying straights each other, their own partners, strangers, and transgenders, that said, lets face it , his comment is sincere its just entertainment after all, and i know many gay guys who like his music and laugh when the gay wedding clip guys about 2 kiss in the video. Many celebs, comedians and gay ones mimic vulnerable ppl and are overpaid uneducated slobs who made it into the limelight starving themselves of a basic meal a day with a dam good memory a pair of balls and sticking their finger upwards to what the hell others are jealous of its the only reason why these ppl are successful because they stick their neck on the line. I don’t hear anybody complain about the industry of black rappers who embarrass our children, degrade women and influence boys in our society to commit crime.

  27. “Little gay masculine looking boy / So gay and masculine I can barely say it with my less masculine looking straight face looking boy”.

    Study: Gay and straight men have different face shapes, and gay men are more masculine

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