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US: Former owner of gay nightclub accused of setting it on fire

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Reader comments

  1. A bottle of Everclear is about US$9/qt ($36/gal) and is not as strong as its reputation of years gone by. It was equated with “moonshine”, but no longer, it just tastes nasty, like $1 vodka. It is, now, about 150 proof, or 75% alcohol and 25% water (strong rum).

    Within just 4 blocks (about ½ mile) directly down the road are 2 gas (petrol) stations selling gas for US$3.50/gal.

    If you’re a homophobe and you’re going to waste an effective accelerant on a gay bar, Everclear is the last thing you would buy. $17.50 to fill a 5-gallon gas can is far cheaper and 100 times more effective than a few bottles of alcohol… which they would certainly rather drink.

    It is true Oak Park is a very Gay friendly city. It would have made more sense to burn a more rural bar, than risk the wrath of a whole city and it’s larger gay friendly neighbor, Chicago.