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Lady Gaga: ‘Bisexuality is not about marketing – this is who I am and who I have always been’

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah right, because being an out bisexual is a brilliant marketing ploy. All the biggest selling musicians, and film stars are bisexual. And lets not forget all the bisexual politicians in power and heads of state, and then there’s all the out bisexual world athletes, especially footballers – I’m surprised every straight man and woman doesn’t pretend they are bisexual or gay, it makes life so much easier.

  2. big momma 3 Nov 2013, 9:14pm

    If she is bi like they all say, howcome we have never seen her with a GF? Fake!!! They know str8 men are turned on bi it!

    1. She doesn’t have to have a girlfriend to be bi, she just has to be attracted to women as well as men!

      1. And there are far more straight/bi men than there are lesbian/bi women, so the majority of the dating pool we have to choose from are going to be men. If 90% of potential partners are male, it makes sense that most of your actual partners over a lifetime are also male.
        I don’t go out thinking, “My last partner was a man so I’d better hold out for a woman this time or people will start to doubt my bisexuality.” So why should she?

  3. Of course it’s real. Most men in the ancient world had sex with other men (and women, of course). So it’s not at all shocking that women like other women too. Unfortunately, culture has suppressed most people’s bisexual potential. See for the free book/audiobook!

  4. The problem for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Rihanna etc is that their bisexual marketing ploy has been exposed to the world by astute gay men. Once these women all started dabbling in pseudo-lesbianism, it became obvious that it was a marketing ploy designed to appeal to sleazy straight guys rather than to help the GLBT rights cause.

    The reason these women are allowed to get away with it is because they are women and because they’re using gay men as a cover. From their mouths come words of support for gay rights but from their acts it’s clear they are doing the lesbo thing to titillate the type of straight guys who are not generally supportive of gay rights. GAY nightclub is one of the venues that these women often appear at to manipulate us into thinking they are “on our side”.

    1. what is this? the thought police! Can you read these women’s minds and know for sure that they are not attracted to women

  5. Why aren’t there any openly bisexual men in the British music charts? Also, why aren’t openly bisexual men allowed to use their bisexuality in the way women are allowed to? Answer: because women are given special privileges at the expense of gay and bisexual men. Women are also allowed to fake their bisexuality whereas men mustn’t be bisexual, whether real or fake.

    These women are exploiting a homophobic double standard. It’s becoming like porn where female bisexuality is considered hot and male bisexuality is considered gross.

    1. If straight women are not as attracted to bi men as straight men are to bi women this is not anyone who is bi’s fault. Maybe its just that men and women express their sexual attractions differently.

      1. Utter nonsense. Women fear male bisexuality because it proves that men are superior to women. Women’s fear of male bisexuality is based on a fear of not being able to control men. And we all know that women love to control men.

        Women who go bi for straight guys are prostitutes. Pure prostitutes. They are not liked at all by the genuine GLBT community.

  6. On a scale of straight to gay most people are in fact bisexual to a greater or lesser degree it’s just that it’s also true that most people are in denial about it.

    1. I totally agree. Also many bisexual people are in opposite sex relationships because there are more likely to meet simply because there are more of them.

  7. Lady Gaga appeals to the sleazy straight guy fantasy by using gay men as a cover. This is why she appeared at GAY nightclub. It’s a strategy designed to titillate straight guys (using nudity and lesbianism) while at the same time appearing to be supportive of gay men’s rights.

    She, Rihanna, Britney, Katy Perry etc are all guilty of similar strategies. Note how this strategy is confined to female performers and not male performers. Mika, who is genuinely bisexual, is apparently not allowed to use male bisexuality in his marketing. It suggests a porny double standard similar to that you see in most adult movies where all the women are bisexual but all the men are straight.

    I reallly don’t like her and I really don’t like any woman who uses female bisexuality as a marketing ploy. At the very minimum, they exploit a homophobic double standard. We need to boycott them.

    1. But you don’t KNOW she’s not bisexual, do you?
      Yes, there is a double standard and there shouldn’t be. But it is not the fault of bisexual women that the double standard exists. Your beef should be with the heterosexual men who have an issue supporting male bisexual artists, and with patriarchal society in general which has led to this.
      I don’t know much about Lady Gaga (I’m not a big fan of pop music), but let’s assume for a moment that she really is bisexual. What is she supposed to do, pretend not to be so people won’t accuse her of a marketing ploy? Will it really help bisexual men if she stays in the closet? Why should she? I sure as hell wouldn’t!
      And, you know, the gay community bears some of the responsibility for the continued plight of bisexuals. When so many gay people insist that there’s no such thing as bisexuality, is it any wonder the heteros are treating us like a fantasy?
      So bisexual men are mad at bisexual women now? Oh, that’s just fan-frickin-tastic, that is! :(

  8. Lady Gaga appeals to the sleazy straight guy fantasy by using gay men as a cover. This is why she appeared at GAY nightclub the other day. Her strategy is designed to titillate straight guys (with nudity and lesbianism) while at the same time appearing to support the rights of gay men.

    She, Rihanna, Britney, Katy Perry etc are all following the same marketing strategy. Note how this strategy is confined to women. Mika, who is genuinely bisexual, is not allowed to use male bisexuality in his marketing. This all suggests a porny double standard of the type you see in most adult movies where all the women are bisexual but all the men are straight.

    Boycott these women. At the very minimum, they exploit a homophobic double standard.

    1. bi phobia in action!

      1. PantoHorse 5 Nov 2013, 12:49pm

        General misogyny in action. What i see is a straight male world where women are objectified and paraded about in order to titillate men. In porn, two women getting it on to the exclusion of men just isn’t allowed – they have to let the men join in because generally straight men can’t stand the idea that a woman, no matter how ardently lesbian, wouldn’t turn for them – that’s out and out lesbophobia.

        It absolutely is biphobia to claim bisexual women are only doing it for the sales – maybe they really are bisexual and think it’s important for other bisexuals to feel solidarity?

        Whinging about it being some kind of exploitation of gay men is just attention-seeking self-victimisation. You, rick/john/brian, are merely playing the victim card.

  9. It fascinates me that there are so many commenters on sites like this who are outraged by the gay “cure” therapies out there (and rightly so), while also preaching about someone else’s sexuality as if they are an authority on the subject.

    Anyone here criticizing any artist for being out and claiming that it’s for attention is a hypocrite. You do not have the right to claim anything about anyone else’s sexuality, just as you demand that no one tell you that you are “just confused”.

    Get your heads out of your own backsides and stop being such hypocrites. If she says she’s bi, she’s bi, and you are a hypocrite for trying to dictate what someone else’s sexuality is.

    The fact that this is even a discussion amongst the LGBT community is disappointing. Sometimes members of our own social grouping are as homophobic as ranting religious loons, telling other people who they are and what they should be.

    Critics here should be ashamed of themselves for being a part of this dictatorial club.

    1. Hurrah! Best comment yet! I was beginning to lose faith in humanity there for a moment.

      Another Stonewall Riot would never happen with so many selfish people in the LGBT community and this comment page is full of judgemental whiny homophobes judging and bitching others.

  10. Oxo Tower 4 Nov 2013, 1:07pm

    The homosexual demographic has always been easy to maniupulate. If it is gay themed, they will buy it or support it. Look at how the PN readers gushed over the disgusting tory toff Cameron when he announced his support for same sex marriage. They suddenly became blind to his loathsome side.
    Gaga is simply ‘playing’ the gay market. Who wouldn’t for that amount of cash?
    The real fools are the gullibles that fall for it.

    1. BlokeToys 4 Nov 2013, 6:29pm

      Once again, do you have any evidence of her lying about her sexuality? Please provide it, because the onus is on those accusing to prove it.

      All I see is a lot of hypocrites who whine about being dictated to and accused of being “confused” or attention seeking doing exactly the same to someone else.

      No one has the right to dictate what someones sexuality is.

      If you think it’s beneficial for an artist to be gay, bi or anything other than straight, you’re delusional. She would probably be making more money by not being sexually ambiguous to supposedly appeal to a LGBT crowd.

  11. I am certain Lady Gaga stated years ago that she was bisexual, so I’m not sure why everyone’s up in a huff about it.
    Why is everyone suddenly trying to discredit artists who come out in support of LGBT rights, claiming that they’re just trying to use us as a career boost? Do you have to be a verified as queer to support LGBT rights?

  12. Entre deux lits.

  13. The problem is not so much bisexuality but the tendency of women to use their bisexuality – real or fake – to titillate across the gender and sexuality divide. That is, to titillate men who are completely straight and have no real interest in GLBT rights. This behavior on the part of women is an affront to anybody who has fought for same-sex rights. This is bisexuality-as-prostitution, not bisexuality as bisexuality.

    Sinead O’Connor was hinting at this a few weeks ago when she warned Miley Cyrus about prostituting herself. Sinead couldn’t have said it better.

    Frankly, women who use their bisexuality to titillate straight guys are amongst the lowest of the low. These women are usually extremely homophobic towards male bisexuality because they see the genuine nature of male sexuality as being a threat to the fake nature of female sexuality.

    1. What?

  14. Why isn’t there a male equivalent of Lady Gaga or Madonna saying they’re bisexual and having no. 1 hits on the charts after they’ve said it? Why aren’t any of the male pop acts putting male-male action in their videos and being successful on the charts with it? Is it because women fear the competition that male bisexuality represents?

    Women fear the competition. Women fear the superiority of male sexuality over female sexuality. Women fear the fact that men have higher and more constant sex drives than women. This is why women have tried to shut out openly gay and bisexual men from the modern music charts. They certainly won’t buy their records and they certainly won’t tolerate male-male action in male artists’ videos in the same way that women like Britney and Lady Gaga put female-female action in theirs.

    1. What?

    2. One Direction seem to play at being gay or bisexual and the girls totally love it.

    3. Wow that is the most completely sexist thing I have ever read on here? Has some woman upset you or do completely hate women in general? I have never feared male sexuality in fact I don’t really have much interest in it at all. I also don’t buy or download music, I only listen if its on its on.

      Loads of guys in pop/ boy bands have come out as been either gay or bi. What do you want every male singer to be at least bi or homosexual? Its not a woman’s fault that they are bisexual nor is the protagonist’s fault that more bi sexual women sell records than male bisexuals.

      Why are we even bothering to point fingers and blame, just because someone sells more records? We don’t force people to like specific genres or pop stars, its down the individuals unless you really think that there is a secret female covenant that tries to banish male pop stars and wipe them from existence. If that is the fact – well we have got a way to go girls :/……………

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