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Rappers accuse Frank Ocean and Macklemore of using ‘gay agenda’ for fame

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Reader comments

  1. Since when promoting gay marriage was a bad thing? It’s definitely way smarter than promoting drugs. They’re obviously both very jealous.

  2. He’s right about Mackemore, but Frank Ocean is bi so he can do what the hell he wants. What is wrong with these people? They’re not rappers, they’re old nobodies with jealousy issues.

    1. Brett Gibson 2 Nov 2013, 7:33pm

      Macklemore has gay uncles mate, so the subject of gay marriage is quite evidently close to his heart.

      So no, he’s not right about Macklemore.

  3. ruggedman and lord jamar have probably sold about 3 downloads between them. Both are totally irrelevant. And ironically, both are using the ‘homophobic agenda’ for fame. Yawn.

    1. de Villiers 12 Nov 2013, 7:47am

      I could not agree more.

  4. Very sour grapes! Sounds like a case of pure jealousy. As if this is the first time anyone has done anything like this to further their careers!! Get used to it. To quote Frank Sinatra – That’s Life!

  5. Hands up who’s heard of Rugged Man and Lord Jamar?

  6. So you have to be Gay to write/sing a song about Gay rights??? Mr Macklemores song was written on his experience of having Gay family members and may just as easily been a bad career move, especially in the Hop Hop community’s it seems to be homophobic. Personally I love the song and think that’s it’ helps the fight for Gay Rights by being played on popular radio.

  7. I found this hilarious! We are now supposed to investigate artists’ motivations for creating their hit songs – he’s obviously got a “heterosexual agenda” or she’s got an anti-war agenda or they’re writing this because they support the NRA, etc. The ultimate irony is that their songs could see them imprisoned in Russia, lynched in Jamaica, executed by governments throughout the Middle East and South Asia, and physically attacked in ex-Yugoslavia.I know very little about any of the people involved; instead of going into attack mode, these music critics should have released their own pro-gay songs to show these “poseurs” how it’s done by real artists!

  8. Christopher in Canada 3 Nov 2013, 12:54am

    Art is supposed to reflect life, is it not?

    (Not that I consider rap as art…)

  9. sour grapes now the homophobic agenda is no longer working (lol)

  10. “Two rappers have accused stars Macklemore and Frank Ocean of exploiting gay culture in order to get ahead in the music industry.”

    Awwwwwh diddums. Are they upset then that someone is using pro gay issues rather than anti gay issues to further a career? Maybe times have changed and they are the past?

    And as for making publicity a week before his album came out? That is exactly when the press are going to want to interview him and those are exactly the questions they are going to ask, so tough.

    It is like all the “out of the blue” comments celebrities make. The quote appears because someone asked the question.

  11. Jock S. Trap 3 Nov 2013, 10:27am

    What absolute Hypocrites.

    Because rappers don’t “exploit” the “straight agenda”… the “black/asian agenda” and a lot the “sexist agenda”. But hey, guess thats alright, yeah?….

    No It Bloomin isn’t!

    As for being Gay has no place in rapping, nor white people with views… isn’t that “exploiting the racist/homophobic agenda”?

    It’s all music a form of expression for ALL to use to promote society. Too many use it for hatred…

    It’s so sad that we have the ones who would scream prejudice to others while rapping about sexism, homophobia and racism!

    Some really do need to get over themselves and join the decent side of the human race.

  12. I sense a touch of jealousy from these unknown rappers. And perhaps they are actually doing what they are accusing others of doing, making statements about something just to get some attention.

    It seems more than a little hypocritical that they criticize other artists for making statements about something they are passionate about, while publicly making this statement in videos to get attention to their own political opinion.

    Why do these idiots think they have the right to express their opinions, while criticizing others for expressing theirs?

    This seems to be just more of the same right-wing Republican hypocrisy we see in these discussions all over the net and in politics – “I have rights, you don’t. I can express opinions, you can’t. My beliefs are more important than yours.”

    I wish these children would just go away, they’re like idiotic teenagers trapped in men’s bodies.

  13. Also, if these people really want to criticize, perhaps they should look to artists like Gwen Stefani, who preaches about tolerance and LGBT rights, and even “campaigns” on such issues, while working with violently homophobic Jamaican artists on her albums with No Doubt – artists who she knows have preached about burning and beating to death “batty boys”.

    It seems that people are happy to have extreme violence, misogyny and homophobia in their music, but the moment someone becomes successful with a positive message they feel outraged.

    These “artists” (and I use that term very loosely) seem to have extremely warped opinions with regard to music and art

  14. Deep deep earths core deep irony lost on this guy. For decades rappers have exploited the homophobia of target market. A rapper talking about the how the Bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong? Hypocrite.

    By his definition Martin Luther King was just trying to be popular to gain political power.

    Mr Nobody, the public will vote on your views with their wallet. Just like Macklemore (who had a huge hit with Thrift Shop prior to Same Love let’s remember).

  15. What the Hell is VLADTV?

  16. We need to get Macklemore to the top of the charts, week in, week out. He’s a great rapper, let’s show what the pink pound can do. This is weeks after Eminem is criticised for being very homophobic!

  17. “Lord Jamar went further to say that being gay has no place in hip hop, and that white rappers should not be allowed to air their views, but believes that rap is “gay friendly”.”

    Dude, you’re just contradicting yourself. If “being gay has no place in hip hop”, rap IS NOT “gay friendly”.

  18. EvilHerbivore 4 Nov 2013, 8:36pm

  19. Edgar Carpenter 29 Nov 2013, 11:47pm

    @EvilHerbivore – yeah, leaves me speechless, too.

  20. I don’t accuse them of using a gay agenda for fame. I applaud them.

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