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Poll: Two-thirds of NSW voters do not support law to allow private schools to discriminate against gay students

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Nov 2013, 4:03pm

    I wonder if the two thirds support equal marriage?

  2. First of all, it is a disgrace that 18% support this barbaric law. The mind boggles. Secondly, private schools should not be allowed to continue discriminating. All schools surely must require licensing of some sort. Would a white supremacist school be allowed to thrive? I’m sure there is an appetite for it in Australia!

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  4. I sadly doubt that this bill will get through. The Labor Party has been responsible for all the decriminalisation bills in Australia and almost all of the antidiscrimination bills, often opposed by the (so-called) Liberal Party. The latter are unlikely to change their historical antipathy to gay Australians. It is indeed disgusting that the `christian’ schools can receive public funding but are allowed to promote hate, bigotry and discrimination, but it will not change under the Liberals and Labor was so terribly corrupt and faction driven here in NSW that they will not get back in power for at least a decade.

  5. MattISaTOOL 3 Nov 2013, 2:53am

    Well the survey he conducted is rather small, only 1000 participants. So i doubt the accuracy of it. Around 20% of schools in Australia are catholic owned. I attended a catholic school until i graduated last year. So yes i absolutely support this law reform. That being said i don’t want people to assume that just because its a catholic school, it would mean A gay or bisexual student would be atomically expelled. Because thats not always the case. I live in an area in South Western Sydney which was rated the most homophobic place in the ENTIRE country. (mainly because 90% are immigrates who come from very religious islamic/christian backgrounds) Even with that, their were many ‘out’ students in my school, none were asked to leave. In fact most teachers were atheist, and majority (In my school at least) weren’t even religious. Now im not suggesting this doesn’t happen, but in all honestly i doubt most catholic schools would care.

  6. MattISaTOOL 3 Nov 2013, 3:09am

    Also its interesting that 18% of the people surveyed supported the law.I would like to know which areas he chose to survey, because their are huge differences from place to place. Even with that, this ‘survey’ is ( to me at least) not very accurate. I mean the last national survey showed same sex marriage support was 67%. So more people support same sex marriage then expelling gay students from schools?. So don’t ‘believe’ what surveys says even if they oppose OR support LGBT rights. Also the liberal party (know as the conservative party) is actually rather socially progressive. Don’t just assume because their ‘conservative’, they would vote against. Liberal ideologies vary from state to state. Conservatives in NSW are alot more opened minded then from other States.

  7. Jock S. Trap 3 Nov 2013, 10:18am

    It is completely disgusting that in the 21st Century such discrimination is allowed anywhere let alone in a supposedly progressive western country.

    Yet again this is targeting the youngest in society, the very people who are to learn about humanity from the religious own prejudice.

    How can that be right in any society.

    I hope in time religion will answer for the crimes against humanity it has dictated for centuries…. far too long!

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