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Australia: Boxer criticised for suggesting people from Aboriginal origin can’t be gay

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Reader comments

  1. Bock McMillan 2 Nov 2013, 5:53pm

    You meet bigots of every size, shape and colour, screw them all!

  2. cameron vale 2 Nov 2013, 5:56pm

    cheeky bugga, I’ll bet he wouldn’t complain if I clipped a tail on him…

  3. Aboriginal religion isn’t christian – so why’s he quoting the old testament? At least he tells us where his bigotry started, his father, who came out with the age old stupid comment – god created adam and eve.

    god created adam, then as a second thought created eve out of adam’s ribcage, she must have taken some hallucinogenic drugs as she could hear a snake talking to her, and she was a bit stupid as she got them chucked out of paradise, and then she gave birth to some sons, one of which murdered the other, and some daughters who must have had incestuous relationships with their brothers, and they gave birth to adam and steve, who were gay.

    1. Sandgroper 3 Nov 2013, 1:38am

      He’s not even a Christian, he converted to Islam a long time ago. He is also known for being a firebrand who shoots off at the mouth without much intellectual input.

      1. He converted to Islam but is still wittering on about (his father’s) Christianity? Goodness, is it possible to be more dim than this person?

  4. Brett Gibson 2 Nov 2013, 7:21pm

    He clearly knows absolutely nothing about his own culture or history. Every culture around the world be it American Indians, Africans, Pacific Islanders or Aborigines were totally accepting and inclusive of homosexuality and third sexes within their societies. It was Christians AKA “the white man” and Muslims who spread their filthy message of hate throughout the world, forever changing these culture’s customs. Read a god damn book….oh wait, he can’t ….he’s a boxer. Leave the thinking to people possessing at least 100 IQ points eh?

    1. Sandgroper 3 Nov 2013, 1:40am

      “Leave the thinking to people possessing at least 100 IQ points eh?”

      Perhaps it should be “Leave the thinking to people USING at least 100 IQ points eh?

    2. Every culture around the world be it American Indians, Africans, Pacific Islanders or Aborigines were totally accepting and inclusive of homosexuality and third sexes within their societies.

      Nice fantasy, but I think you’ll find there’s scant evidence to back up such a sweeping statement. Even Classical Greece, so often held up as an example of acceptance, recognised same-sex male relationships only within certain fairly strict limits.

      We all, along with the Christians and Muslims, must get beyond the precedents (real or imagined) of millennia ago and concentrate on what is and should be happening in the world TODAY.

  5. Oh the irony of invoking our “culture and ancestors” and in the same breath Christianity – a religion imposed on your ancestors during a cultural genocide. What a pathetic man.

  6. Wth spelling like that, who needs brains?

  7. Just totally dense that guy. Should have kept his head out of the beatings I would say.

  8. Because Adam and Eve are not characters from a Bible story but from an Aboriginal one, oh dear. ..the punch drunk guy is a boxer not a scholar.

  9. jackAlison 3 Nov 2013, 6:49am

    Oh god. And he’s black. You’d think he would know enough about the ugliness of prejudice not to diss on other minority groups? But let’s not 4get when obama was re elected, the state of California had the highest registered turnout of voting African Americans who also voted down equal marriage on the same ticket. Ive always said prejudice begets prejudice.

    1. So black people are required to march in lockstep with what you believe?

    2. By that token, women – almost all of whom will have experienced some level of discrimination – should as a group be supportive of minorities, yet I think you’ll find it’s not often the case (nor is the comparison ever brought up, unlike how-can-he-discriminate-he’s-black).

  10. For years Aboriginal people have struggled with racism which told them they were different or inferior to the rest of us and this exact belief was what caused the early European settlers to treat them as no better than wild animals.

    Well things have moved on and all Aboriginal peoples around the world are now accepted generally by everyone apart from a few neanderthal racists as equal and the same as all humanity, a great move forward.

    And then Anthony steps forward (bless him) and says no they are different? Well Anthony I thought you were my equal and now you tell me you ARE racially different from the rest of humanity. Be careful what you wish for, you could be opening a whole can of worms for yourself.

    Can Anthony also be sure he is 100% Aborigine? What if a few white genes strayed in there over the last two hundred years. It might mean he is a teensy weensy bit gay.

  11. Deep thinker, he is. An inspiration.

  12. Just another brain-damaged, ignorant, religious bigot. Glad someone pointed out that judeo / christianty was also not part of Abolriginal culture. He is deeply hypocritical. Someone from such a persecuted minority happily turning on others for marginalisation. I note too his support for Russia’s anti-gay promotion law. What a strange self-hater he is …. more than likely a closet case.

  13. Mihangel apYrs 3 Nov 2013, 6:30pm

    if that were the case then such people would not be homo sapiens – the incidence of homosexuality is a constant in the sexual orientation specrtrum

  14. Same sex initiation rites of New Guinea are world famous. Papua New Guinea is part of the aboriginal zone.

    1. Yes, but we should be wary of extrapolating a belief that adult same-sex relationships were looked on favourably by such societies – initiation rituals are just that, nothing more. On the other hand, I don’t know if there’s much evidence that adult same-sex relationships weren’t accepted in certain circumstances.

      1. Native Americans are aboriginal. THEY had no issue with homosexuality

        1. I think jean was referring to indigenous Australians, which includes Torres Strait Islanders.

          It’s rather patronising to assume all indigenous peoples are the same, regardless of the continent they inhabit. And you will note that the (unsubstantiated) statements in the article in your link refer to “third sex” categories, something equality-minded people today are quite anxious to avoid.

  15. Cade in Aus 5 Nov 2013, 7:33am

    He’s a f***ing idiot. There are different spiritual beliefs in aboriginal culture depending on what part of Australia you are from. There are many tribes with different beliefs as far as I’m aware. And I am unaware of any of them being homophobic as is stupid Christianity which has nothing to do with Aboriginal culture. In fact I think it is the opposite. BAFOON! Feel free to take him off our hands anyone. He’s not that liked over here.

  16. OK, folks, we’re not talking about a Rhodes scholar here. We’ve got a probable brain damaged boxer who is spouting off his personal bigotry. A few more professional whacks to the head and his 15 minutes of fame will be up. He doesn’t strike me as being a serious contender for a seat in Parliament so not to worry. However if he decides to move to Texas, USA, there could be a future for him with the teabaggers.

  17. Anthony needs to take some medication

    What an asshat!!!!!

  18. James Campbell 8 Nov 2013, 12:27am

    I am a Scot, but having lived in NZ and Australia for a number of years I appear to be more aware of Australian history than this sad individual. Since the Europeans’ gift to Australia was the genocide of the indigenous people, one should not be surprised that many who claim to be of Aboriginal descent are far removed from these roots and have a poor understanding of Aboriginal history (40, 000 years is some history!) and culture. Of course there was (and is) homosexuality amongst the Aborigines, as there has been amongst our species since we first appeared on this unfortunate planet. If there is any doubt, do some research on the Boy brides of the Aranda people. I am not Gay, but I believe that homosexuality is as much a part of our species as heterosexuality. I just others would open their blinkered eyes, get a life and leave others to get on with theirs.

  19. Adriano Condello 8 Nov 2013, 4:22am

    Why do we give any air time to people like Mundine who lack intelligence and humanity? Indigenous Australians are courageous in their fight for equality and acceptance and Mundine does them a disservice. Can’t he see that the fight for LGBT equality is the same fight? We’re all in this together. And he calls himself a boxer…

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