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Vatican launches Catholic survey on gay relationships, equal marriage and other social issues

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Reader comments

  1. Darren Yehuda 1 Nov 2013, 12:37pm

    Who cares!!

  2. If they’re planning on amending their conduct to better reflect the beliefs of their followers, they will have to make many, many compromises. Alternatively, they could try to force a change in the beliefs of their followers, which would probably end them as the largest religious organization on Earth.
    Either way, the catholic church will not be what it was before.

  3. What a waste of time. The Catholic cult believes that a fictitious ‘god’ has a direct line to a crossdressing virgin geriatric in the Vatican and that said geriatric should dictate to the world how to live its life.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Nov 2013, 1:00pm

    I wonder if those in charge of these surveys will skew them to favour the official doctrine of the church. Many Catholics support equality and equal marriage, more than any other major denomination but will those progressive views receive full inclusion in the final outcome? I don’t trust the hierarchy one bit. Now if it were done by an independent secular survey organisation then we might see some progress made.

  5. change…the catholic church? when hell freezes!

  6. Maybe they’ve realised how totally removed from reality they are and that they are rapidly becoming an irrelevance. If my local hospital vanished overnight, I’d miss it. Who can really say that about religion? I hope, before it finally bites the dust, religion is prepaing to apologise to gay people for all the misery they have inflicted because of their childish beliefs.

  7. Godric Godricson 1 Nov 2013, 2:09pm

    I have no time for the Church although I would say this is significant. My take on this is that they have finally and truly realised how out of touch they are. Having said that I don’t care what they believe. The Church has caused so much damage for so long…..I’d like to close them down

  8. And how are their views going to reflect what catholic gay couples think? These couples have mostly abandoned the church. Are these bishops going to make an effort to talk to them? I don’t think so. Nothing is going to change. They will reaffirm their belief that homosexuality is a disorder and that same-sex unions are a sin. Once again, the heterosexual majority will assume to know more about homosexuality than the homosexuals do.

  9. Chuck Anziulewicz 1 Nov 2013, 5:15pm

    One afternoon I was listening to one of the live call-in programs on EWTN (a Catholic radio network), and one listener asked how the host felt about baptizing the adopted infant child of a Gay couple. The two men who had adopted this child were legally married in the State of California where they lived, they had both been raised in the Catholic faith, they both attended the same Catholic church together, and they wished to raise their adopted child in the Catholic faith as well. Unfortunately, the host of the program said he would not agree to baptize the child, saying that to do so would essentially give tacit approval to the couple’s relationship. This I found extremely vindictive.

    Perhaps one of the purposes of this Vatican survey is to assist the Church in taking a more pragmatic approach in such matters.

  10. George Broadhead 1 Nov 2013, 6:19pm

    Does this meant that the Vatican will rescind its current official teaching on homosexuality as set out in its Catechism?

    This categorically states: “Tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

    I very much doubt it.

    1. According to US Appellate Judge and lay RC theologian Judge Nooner, the RCC has changed theology and dogma infinitely numerous times through the church’s history.

  11. And how will the Church survey the thousands of gays, lesbians, straights, etc., who have left the church because of the intolerance and outright bigotry exhibited toward them on these same issues ???? If these people care, how might they be heard ??? Kinda like shooting dead everyone in a room and then asking if anybody had something to say……….

  12. Culture eventually affects shapes morality, sexuality and dogma: e.g. divorce, historical reforming church laws, marriage..SBCs founded on the substrate of segregation and perpetuation of slavery gave up after 150 admit the sin of slavery–they were wrong then and finally admitted due to cultural pressure.

  13. Philip Breen 4 Nov 2013, 7:15am

    It would be wonderful if the Church did embrace the difficulties faced by gay people and ask its institution how Christ would respond. If mercy is to be extended to all, rather than only to those the Church feels comfortable with, the first thing Christ would do is show mercy. That is, he would look to heal those who had been hurt by the Catholic Church because of its treatment of gays & repent of its prejudices. Then, he would help them to rebuild their lives, so as to lift those old burdens. To do any of this, even without changing doctrine, would require more humility than strategy even, and it remains to be seen how serious, rather than curious, the Church is in this regard. Is some change of substance & mentality on the way? We will have to watch developments, wait and see. It is possible-it has happened before- look at the u turn by the Church for the 16th century Galileo!

  14. I wonder how they are being distributed?

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