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NOW: Comedian Aziz Ansari makes amusing but poignant point about racial stereotypes and homophobia

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  1. In Hawaii this week as the State is trying to allow Same Sex Marriage, there ARE lots of homophobes testifying what gays do, what they might do, what gays want to do, lots of fear and hate, even from what looks like a nice old couple, shooting poison like a viper! Many are ministers. I don’t find it “amusing”! They get one or two minutes air time to show support or opposition to the bill; SB1.

    1. Not sure what this has to do with Aziz Ansari’s clip. Have you posted this comment on the right thread?

  2. Aziz Ansari, well done! Brilliant! Brave man. You are doing SUCH GOOD! Your just being up there and saying things like that is so challenging.

    Here’s hoping you get more and more coverage!

  3. I do like this guy, he’s great in Parks and Rec.

  4. Hilarious – how well comedians can make a point. Perhaps it’s predictable in that context, but the cheer that his punchline generates is also heartwarming.

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