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Man banned from Facebook for declaring his love for pork faggots

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Reader comments

  1. I think FB needs to get their act together. Some of the things they allow are just wrong and other things that they ban is just stupid. They need to realize countries have different languages than the US. What a word means to Americans, is something totally different in another.

    1. It’s going to be an automated process checking for keywords. They don’t have the whole of China sitting at terminals checking every single post that goes up. Sometimes there will be mistakes. Something similar happened to a friend of mine whose surname is Peacock – he was unable to create an Xbox profile name with his surname because it was considered to contain an inappropriate word. (I think the same thing also happened to a guy whose surname is Gay – that I found more worrying, that “gay” should be considered “inappropriate”. That was what I found most offensive about Tesco’s Inflatable G*y Friend.)

  2. You’ve lifted a story from The Sun without checking it, or even questioning it?
    Does that mean you think it’s a reliable source?
    Facebook have said it was just a cock-up ie it’s not a story.
    I think your readers deserve better.

    1. Paul Brownsey 2 Nov 2013, 6:18pm

      Do they really *deserve* better? How do you know they have done lots of good things for which they deserve good journalism from Pink News?

      See, possibly under the impetus of the self-esteem movement, according to which everyone is alleged to be doing wonderful things all the time, or possibly driven by capitalism, trying to persuade you to buy things as a reward for all the things you’ve done like curing cancer (“You’re worth it,” say the ads for the expensive shampoo), “deserve” is being over-used all over the place.

      “Our children deserve the very best education.” No, the horrible little so-and-sos don’t. But they should get it, have a right to it, are entitled to it.

  3. Meanwhile, beheading videos are just fine!

  4. When Fred from Nickleodeon came out as gay earlier this year, and Wentworth Miller, there was a Facebook post written about it. One of the replies was “I think we all knew Fred was a cocksucker.” I complained to Facebook about this and their response was to do nothing as they didn’t consider it offensive. I don’t quite see much difference between “cocksucker” and other derogatory words including the one in this article. Yet “faggot” gets an account suspended after “being misinterpreted”. Facebook are just lousy they have no idea what they are doing of late.

    1. Dangermouse 1 Nov 2013, 10:37pm

      I quite like ” cock sucker”

  5. Derek Williams 1 Nov 2013, 9:53pm

    Glad to know Facebook actually do find ‘faggot’ an offensive term when applied to homosexuals and will take action to remove the term. This was obviously a misunderstand easily rectified.

  6. If this is true then it is a new take on their policies, as many times in the past I have reported homophobic pages, one of which featured faggot in the page name, and got the reply that it didn’t contravene the rules.

  7. James Savik 2 Nov 2013, 1:00am

    I’ve got you thick West sauce right here! LMAO!

  8. Do you like pork faggots?

    Yes, I like pork faggots.

    What are you, a gay pig?

  9. Yet again, more glaring proof my fellow Yankees are ignorant about the rest of the world, even if they speak (nearly) the same language.

    As a nation, we’re a global embarrassment, and I haven’t touched upon the big issues like no healthcare, very poor infrastructure such as roads and schools, an average IQ not high enough to tackle the Metric System, and a screamingly bloated war machine whose only purpose if to openly funnel trillions of tax dollars into unwanted military products as a guise to make the politicians’ friends wealthier.

    The US media is very well designed by corporations to keep everyone scared like rabbits so as to coerce more money into weapons; from handguns to drones. Apparently, killing is American’s #1 product. There is no room in the daily propaganda for knowledge, especially ideas that have proven to work in other countries. Arrogance and stupidity are a dangerous combination.

    If the rest of the world were smart, they’d steer away from US websites.

    1. “my fellow Yankees”
      Nice try, Englishman, but we don’t call ourselves “Yankees.”

  10. I’ve been saying for a long time that Facebook doesn’t seem to have any firm policies on anything, and the people charged with removing content seem to have free reign to follow their personal religious, political and sociological beliefs as and when they feel like it.

    I remember the fiasco of an image of a gay couple kissing being banned on Facebook several years ago. It was a still image from a TV show, but a homophobe at Facebook started removing it. It caused an uproar with hundreds of thousands of people deliberately posting it, making it their profile image, discussing it at every opportunity, until FB had to admit that they had messed up.

    This is what happens in an organization where individuals with their own dictatorial views are allowed to make up policy as they go along. They don’t have enough guidelines to follow, and there is no firm policy on content.

  11. It´s about time that America realises that their National Language is ENGLISH,
    They may have adapted it to suit their needs, but it is STILL English.
    There is NO language called American!
    If they wish to defile the language by adding derogatory meanings to certain words thats their problem!
    But a Faggot is a Faggot is a FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Get a copy of the OED then, and try to work out what ‘US English’ means. You might want to look up the word ‘dialect’. You could also reflect on the original (“undefiled”) meaning, which is ‘a bundle of sticks bound together as fuel’; the culinary usage is much more recent.

    2. And what’s English? A smattering of German, French, Latin, Celt, Hindu, and Norse.

      I was only eating an eclair in my pyjamas while staying in a bungalow on Steep Holm, dreaming of crossing the Avon in a juggernaut when I was overcome with Schadenfreud about an accident a friend had slipping on a mosaic floor while eating a wiener sausage.

      Or something like that.

      1. Heh – good one, twitless. (Only it’s Hindi [= language; Hindu = religion].)

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Nov 2013, 3:58pm

      It’s American usage and interpretation of the English language. There is no official language in America although English is the adopted one but there is no constitutional provision for it. No politician wants to touch it because they’ll face the wrath of ethnic minorities, particularly Spanish speaking minorities whom they rely on for votes. Some state governors tried to make it the official language in their states, Arizona was one of them but failed. Usually republicans and nowadays Tea Partyers.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Nov 2013, 4:01pm

    I think this is taking it too far. I find nothing offensive in this context of food. Now if this man had declared his love for faggots, I dare say FB would have banned him too.

  13. johnny33308 2 Nov 2013, 6:21pm

    Unfortunately, Facebook uses third party vendors to ‘review’ posts reported for content. FB does this to eliminate its liability for obnoxious posts. Sadly, the countries used in this way are Pakistan, Indonesia and other Muslim countries as well as non-Muslim conservative countries so one should expect comments not in keeping with the morals of said countries to be banned. For example they allow beheading videos and yet block photos of LGBT people kissing. This sort of intellectual falseness is rampant on FB. I’ve personally reported hundreds of hate-pages, as have many of my friends and yet the hate-pages remain, hundreds of thousands of them. Don’t expect FB to ever respond to the LGBT community in any sort of positive way. It will not happen as long as FB denies responsibility in this area and allows people in such countries to continue to ‘approve’ FB posts, or not, in keeping with their own personal views. And FB never responds when you write them directly, either.

  14. I felt compelled to comment on this in my blog, The Banal Chew.

    There was a recent article in PinkNews about a 54 y/o man (presumably from the UK) who was banned from Facebook after commenting on a food-related post and photo of the British culinary, er, phenomenon known as “faggots”. He simply said that he likes the dish, but the real crime is that he used that word when he did.

    It gets better.

    The 68 y/o woman who initially posted the photo of the food dish was blocked from Facebook for 12 hours. Reportedly, there was a “Free Eileen” campaign.

    Shake my head.

    I understand the cringeworthy word above is definitely a wrong one to use most of the time. The Facebook seems to think no one should ever use the word, and they’re willing to punish anyone who does.

    In case you didn’t already know, I am gay and a geek. I have had more than a fair share of mean-spirited labels tossed my way. But I disagree with Facebook on this.

    See more at

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