An 11-year-old boy from Vancouver was ordered to remain in custody today in a case around him bringing a gun and 400 rounds of ammunition to school as he planned to shoot a student who called his friend “gay”.

The Frontier Middle School student lashed out in court as the Juvenile Court Commissioner Jennifer Snider ruled he must remain in custody.

The prosecutor on Tuesday said the boy had brought the gun and ammunition to school several times, and had been planning to shoot several people after school that day, not just one other student, as had previously been thought.

Allegedly, the boy had planned to shoot a student because he had called a friend of his “gay”.

As the parents of the boy left the court, the boy began to cry and refused to leave with the deputies. He then lashed out, swearing, when they attempted to escort him out.

The next hearing on the competency of the boy is set for 12 November. It was ruled on 24 October that he has mental health issues.

John Lutgens, the boy’s attorney, suggested that he be placed under house arrest, with  alarms on the doors. He has a history of leaving his house at night.

“Anytime that a child is reported having left home, there’s concerns for the child,” Lutgens said at that time. “So at this time we want to address that, and make that not an issue for the community to be worried about.”

Lutgens declined to say how the boy accessed the ammunition.

More to follow.