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Orson Scott Card will not lose money from boycott of Ender’s Game film

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Reader comments

  1. James Savik 31 Oct 2013, 7:57pm

    Never the less: my boycott of asparagus still stands!

  2. Chester 66 31 Oct 2013, 8:41pm

    Would it? A popular film may mean more sales of his terrible nonsense or that he writes more in this series

    1. Exactly, Chester. There’s already been a huge increase in sales of the books because of the movie. There’s also the movie merchandise and the graphic novels. So, yeah, he is making money. Even if he gets nothing from ticket sales, higher attendance would make it more likely they’ll adapt the sequels (which he’ll get paid to produce), so the idea that a boycott wouldn’t lose him money is flawed.
      The only reason the boycott is having so little effect is lack of solidarity. Not enough people care, unfortunately.

  3. Horsecrap.
    Orson Scott Card is listed as “producer” in the credits of this film. Which puts to lie this assertion that he wouldn’t make a red cent from the film’s profits.

    As a producer he is entitled to his share of the profits.

    Until someone posts a contract, signed by all parties involved, that clearly demonstrates that OSC isn’t getting a penny, the boycott stands.

  4. This is a very sloppy and narrow interpretation. Ender’s Game, the book, has been catapulted back onto the best sellers list because of this film. And will likely do better – along with the rest of his work – if the film does well

    The film is also reportedly open for possible sequels – which will further put money in this bigot’s pockets

    Analyse, Pink News, don’t just repeat what the bigot say

  5. Before I was aware of his views, I liked him as a writer- and this book/trilogy in particular. I was deeply saddened to find that someone who could illustrate beautiful humanist views in his novels has turned out to be yet another religious bigot. My ‘protest’ takes a simple form; I will not be paying money to see this film or any other based on his writing, nor will I buy any of his books. I don’t care whether he actually makes money from them or not- his views do not deserve to be shared or promoted.

    1. This film is about committing genocide. It fits beautifully with a bigots mind.

    2. What are the beautiful humanist views? Ender is hated by everyone because of how great he is (jealousy), but everyone is also secretly in love with him. It’s a narcissistic teenage fantasy. The most offending thing is that some people claim he stands for LGBT youth and that we should somehow all identify with him.

    3. James Orpin 1 Nov 2013, 7:17am

      I agree with the other replies. The book is in no way humanist. It’s central moral premise is repugnant. The book states an action is purely moral based on intent not outcome so. Genocide is ok because Ender didn’t mean it! Rubbish intent is important but outcome is what makes an action truly moral.

      Boycott the film to hurt OSC and to oppose the story’s lack of ethics.

  6. I won’t buy his books, I most probably would have if he hadn’t been a disgusting bigot

  7. Philip Jones 31 Oct 2013, 11:22pm

    I disagree. If this film makes money and becomes a blockbuster then he is likely to make money off book sales as people purchase the source material from which the film is based. In addition if this film is a big success they might consider paying him mountains of cash for some of his other intellectual properties thus putting money in his pocket that he can use to spread his vile and hateful agendas. I’m still supporting the boycott.

  8. The ‘author’ of this piece bis an utter hack who needs journalism lessons.

    the headline and first sentence are presented as facts yet there is not 1 shredvof evidence in the rest of the piece to back up these assertions.

    He should be fired for making this such an unreliable website.

  9. This article is clearly in response to PR put out by the studio.

    Simply: fewer visits mean less income. Whether the studio is harmed or the individuals involved is not really important. The overall production WILL have received less income as a result of the boycott, and I hope this discourages people from working with such gits in future.

  10. My Boycott stands – I will not pay good money for projects I know will benefit these bigoted morons and hatefilled religious A holes – Maybe studios will think twice in the future when commissioning bigoted writers, directors, and producers –

  11. Does anybody else find it suspicious that literally a hundred or more articles about Card supposedly not making money have hit the press the day before this movie opens?

    1. It’s a lie. They say Card sold the rights a decade ago but convieniently leave out the fact that he is a Curren Producer of the film and does benefit.

    2. If the film is a hit, Card has over 10 sequel books and those will become attractive purchases for the studio possibly netting Card millions.

    3. Card was a board member of NOM, a decision maker for them while they were pushing Prop 8 in CA. and multiple other anti-gay bills. Why the sudden desperation to pretend that giving him a hit movie won’t help him? There seems to be a lot of money behind this last minute push to distance him from the movie.

  12. He might not see money from sales, but I’d wager if the movie tanks and the financiers don’t see a return on investment, they might think twice before endorsing him again…

  13. BlokeToys 1 Nov 2013, 1:06pm

    He might not lose out right now with a boycott, but if the studios and performers lose out through working on his projects his career is over.

    I would be surprised if anyone wants to work with him ever again given the bad publicity this project has gained. You would have to be clinically insane to risk appearing in his movies or being involved with him in any way financially.

    So, even though he won’t be out of pocket for this, he will be in the long run, losing out on opportunities because of his disgusting views. I will not be seeing the movie.

  14. It looks like an interesting film, but i can’t in good faith watch it while Orson Scott is living his sinful lifestyle of judging others. That’s one of the ten commandments there Mr Scott, being gay isn’t one

    READ your bible, don’t just assume what it says!

  15. wow pink news is like a cheap lying whore

  16. Even if he doesn’t make money from the ticket sales, making the studios aware of the anger there is for supporting such a bigot will hopefully make them think twice about buying the option on a book from some other homophobic bigot.

  17. regardless of whether Orson Scott Card was paid for the pre-existing “Ender’s” books, the studio is using smoke and mirrors to try and break up the boycott.

    The director has admitted that they ARE planning a sequel, and it is NOT based on any existing book from the “Ender’s” series. It is being based on a book that O.S.C. is PRESENTLY writing!!!! Which means I am SURE those rights have NOT been already paid off as part of that mysterious back-room deal 10 or however many years ago.

    O.S.C. is writing an immediate sequel to “Ender’s Game” which will take place shortly after the events of the film.

  18. Colin (London) 5 Nov 2013, 6:04am

    So they paid him his $m upfront and then seek sympathy for te film….they paid him and as such he benifitted…..they supported him and not us……I will boycott this film and Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley.

    Also pissed at Graham Norton for having Ford on his show. Graham is all froth anyway

  19. Actually it did lose money and it is a flop. Soooooo…….

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