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Ireland: Iranian gay asylum seeker allegedly raped by police officer’s son

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Reader comments

  1. How did he claim asylum in Ireland. Thought it had to be the CLOSEST safe Country to his OWN, not half a world away!!!!!!

  2. agree with Nath. There are no flights between Iran and Eire. He should have claimed asylum elsewhere. I suspect a scam.

  3. its obvious he went to ireland because he had some friends/family it is clear from the article
    i mean who will just grab a suitcase and flee anywhere without connections or a lot of money? why would he want to scam his way into ireland regardless?

  4. Name, you clearly dont understans asylum rules. Someone fleeing seeking asylum should declare in the first location of safety. ireland was not this guys first safe haven. He chose there because they have obligations to house and provide for asylum seekers, handouts in effect. Ireland is seen as a ‘soft touch’ although that is changing. If it was his wish to go to Ireland, he should have claimed asylum after his flight/ship from Iran landed in a safe country, and then requested entry to Ireland. He just entered illegally. Whether he is gay or not, or his story is true or not, he didnt follow procedures.

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