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US: Jon Stewart’s Daily Show explores South’s attitude towards gays with secret cameras

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Reader comments

  1. Why post a video that can only be streamed in the US

    1. I will let you into a secret. Download firefox or chrome and use the media hint add in then you can view all the US sites

    1. Um … that doesn’t help … THAT video can’t be streamed outside the US either.

    2. …which can also only be viewed from the US

      1. If you use FireFox, there’s an add-on called anonymoX which would give you a US IP address and allow you to view this video from outside the US.

  2. Why are you surprised about this? Did you imagine that media portrayal of the USA was accurate? As a new organisation you should know better than to rely on the news to give a fair and unbiased view of things, especially as sensationalism sells and bad news makes the big bucks.

  3. Yay, another pointless video reserved solely for American’s.

  4. lady tanya 31 Oct 2013, 2:41pm

    do pink news not know we are in england. what was the point of this pace of news if we the UK cannot watch it. and while iam a pissed mood pink news i hate the new web page

    1. Agreed. But do YOU not know that some of us are not in “england” but in Scotland, Wales, etc

  5. It’s regions versus copyright issues is why the block. There is a way around this but it has been so long that I forgot.

  6. Making your IP address look like an American one does it.

  7. Oliver216 1 Nov 2013, 1:55am

    This is it, or so I assume: Watch it (before it’s taken down).

  8. Maryland Kid 2 Nov 2013, 7:41pm

    I don’t think that this video is as much a reflection of the Southern view on homosexuality so much as it is revealing about the growing urban+suburban / rural divide on this issue. I grew up and live in Maryland, which is an extremely progressive state that outlaws LGBT job discrimination and recognizes same-sex marriages. Even so, some of the rural parts of our state, particularly Frederick and anything west of that, remain extremely homophobic and prejudiced. Just last year, I was in a coffee shop in Frederick when these three old men started talking really loudly about how homosexuality and other forms of “sexual deviancy” are caused by pornography being accessible to children on the internet. This in the state that lead the 2012 Marriage Equality referendum movement! Young and urban people in the South may be growing more supportive of gay rights, which is a great thing, but the region is still far from being accepting. Just look at the polling data, if you need evidence.

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