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THT boss: Gay community’s response to AIDS epidemic helped advance gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. “When asked about the failure to cut HIV infection rates among gay and bisexual men, Sir Nick said: ‘We have to be realistic about what is our aspiration? Is it zero new infections? Because that’s a massive challenge for any new infectious diseases, particularly one where transmission happens in the most passionate parts of our lives.’”

    Mr. Partridge’s answer looks like a “cop-out”. The questioner was not asking “Why has there been a failure to cut HIV infections rate among gay and bisexual men to ZERO”.

    The question was asking why, when the government has entrusted THT with millions of pounds over many years to help lower the rate of infections, infection rates have remained so high.

    The answer, of course, is obvious. THT has failed to use those millions effectively.

    I know one “full-time” THT employee who wanders into work about 10, gets home at 5, lives a very comfortable lifestyle, owns a very comfortable home, and enjoys constant holidays away.

    1. Well maybe LGBT people should take responsibility for their actions and stop ejaculating into each other

      1. Therein lies the problem its NOT restricted to “LGBT people” … HIV does differentiate between sexual preferences …..

        Although I may not have been THT’s number 1 fan I am appreciative that Nick was approachable and gave of his time. I wish him well for his retirement.

    2. As always I do like to provide a balanced view on the subject of THT. I know many individuals who work for the organisation & work many many hours late into the evening when they are running groups or spend their weekends doing mail outs and putting together condom packs – yes some are volunteers but also paid members of staff working above & beyond what their contract of employment requires them to.

      Why not make these comments directly to the Board of Trustees than simply making statements that do not represent the majority of staff employed by THT?
      You are no better than that other THT troll Samuel B, who also has an unhealthy obsession with all things HIV and lacks basic understanding of how charitable organisations are funded. Talk to the commissioners if you want to see improvements in HIV Prevention, go lobby your Local Public Health Commissioner & see how far you get with putting HIV on the spending agenda.

  2. Imagine how much LGBT rights would be advanced if there was a headline that said ” “Dramatic fall in HIV and other STIs reported in gay men”

    1. If you think our LGBT equality should be dependent on HIV infection rates then you’ve completely missed the point about ‘gay rights’ actually means.

      1. Ok then, lets change the name and call it “acceptance” instead of “rights”. Like it or not, admit it or not, most people like, even need, a degree of acceptance and with acceptance comes an acceleration of rights. A marked drop in HIV rates would greatly help to disarm the bigots.

  3. So he climbs off the Tht gravy train no doubt through a revolving door into a plumb position that was feathered while negligent of his duties to protect gay men’s health. Par for the course these days where public service is concerned these days….

  4. Off the gravy train and no doubt through a revolving door and back into another £90k-salaried post as is par for our corrupted public services these days….

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