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Teacher who told students ‘Hitler wasn’t all bad, he killed the gays’ struck off

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Reader comments

  1. Wayne Howard-Williams 30 Oct 2013, 10:50am

    This guy needs mental health support,if he comes out with comments like what’s been reported.

    1. Oh, I too would love to reprogramme the minds of bigots, but we can’t can we, other than via general education, and chipping away at individual cases of bigotry and prejudice.

      Wouldn’t it be nice for us if the Minister of Health announced that the 1000s who daily make hateful and despicable comments in the threads of the Daily Mail were to be traced and enforced to receive “mental health support”! :-)

  2. Jock S. Trap 30 Oct 2013, 10:51am

    Disgusting individual.

    Struck off and cannot reapply for 2 years? He should Never be allowed around children ever again… someone else’s or his own. He is a danger…end of!

    1. A lot can happen in two years. The educational system may have advanced enough to render him irrelevant, and thus, not employable. In the U.S., any infraction, such as this, would go on the personnel record and would be there for any possible future employer to revue when looking over his application.

      1. In SOME parts of the USA he would get a standing ovation and his comments would guarantee him a job with a Catholic or other religious school or university.

    2. This is why we Americans still have the death penalty.

  3. I wonder if he’ll get a £600k+ pay out for being totally inept at his job?

  4. only 2 years it should be for life

  5. It sounds like an unexpected full-on meltdown. While this guy clearly cannot be a teacher, I hope the underlying issues have been addressed.

    The full rant was not just about gays – and included asking a teenager about what sex they had at the weekend, and other inappropriate things.

    Reports suggest this behaviour was sudden. To me, that would suggest a breakdown or other health issues which need addressing. I hope he is getting that support.

    1. Good post.

    2. Very kind of you, Cynic. But I’ve occasionally met people who go around in similar frame of mind all the time. They’re rational, fully able to conduct their daily affairs, but their beliefs are frightening. They dine night and day on the gutter press and the worst web forums..

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Oct 2013, 2:09pm

        Totally concur with that. There are even some on the Tory back benchers who are just as irrational, Peter Bone et al come to mind. A demented loon. Dangerous people who shouldn’t be allowed a seat in Parliament.

      2. Yes, Eddy. I too know the people you mention. They’re called ‘bigots’. You’ll find most of them read something called ‘The Daily Mail’. It’s a kind of bible for them. They need a regular fix of racist and homophobic bile from it otherwise they may turn into ordinary human beings with something called ’empathy’. Many of these ‘bigots’ are quite old so, with a bit of luck, they are a dying breed. But don’t hold your breath for any miraculous transformation on the world stage. Even as I type, ‘bigots’ and ‘homophobes’ are being created by something called ‘religion’ in places like Africa and Russia. All we can hope is that education is able to open-up closed and brainwashed minds and that, one day, we can all enjoy ‘respect’ and ‘equality’.

  6. Sounds like he’s an ideal candidate for the Catholic priesthood !

    1. Ha ha ha, SNAP!!!!

  7. Paul Essex/London 30 Oct 2013, 12:07pm

    His comments (inc. porn on mobiles and whipping with wet towels) sound almost satirical. It would be funny if it hadn’t actually happened. And what kind of check does he get after this 2 year ban that he’s actually fit to be given the responsibility of teaching school kids? Or does he just get unleashed back into the education system without anyone so much as batting an eyelid?

  8. The GTC (for England) doesn’t exist any more. The story is actually about the GTCS (ie General Teaching Council Scotland)

  9. There are a lot of loose cannons out there in our society and it’s absolutely great to hear that one of them has gone too far and stumbled into the net and been caught.

    But he can re-apply to teach in two years’ time? I hope whoever thinks of appointing him grills him hard.

  10. An absolutely stupid individual and he is supposed to be a teacher! I would have thought you would have a modicum of an IQ to be one of those people but apparently not! The irony is that Hitler and the Nazis despite being homophobes had plenty of gay people in their ranks. Ernest Rohm was one of them and there have been rumours about Hitler’s own sexuality. It seems as if der Fuhrer himself could have been either homosexual or a bisexual at least. He also may have been an asexual. Those who were closest to him reported that there were few signs of his being intimate with his so-called girlfriend Eva Braun.

    1. Please, let’s not start claiming Adolf and the Nazis were Gay. That’s all we need. Tchaikovsky will do nicely, thank you.

    2. That There Other David 30 Oct 2013, 7:15pm

      This would be the same Ernst Rohm that Hitler had executed in 1934 and all traces of him immediately removed would it?

      Yeah, sounds like they were best buds.

      1. It should have been the other way around.

  11. What in the heck is “in a general sense” supposed to mean??

  12. The teacher who made this remark shocks, disturbs and disgusts. It is right that he’s sacked. I am, though, a bit worried about your own editorial judgment in this instance. In your headline you single out the teacher’s reference to gay people and ignore the fact he referred to Jews and the disabled as well. To do this is rather like the newspaper headline “Three Brits die in terrorism attack that kills 200 people.”

    Clearly we do not stand alone. And if others are attacked together with us we should treat them as equally significant.

    1. Popes, priests, bishops and vicars around the world issue similar messages on a daily basis. How come THEY get away with it? Ah yes. They represent ‘religion’ so they can insult and hurt who they want. Religion is obviously a great organisation to join if you’re a bigot. You can say what you want with impunity because it’s your ‘belief’. Perhaps that’s the excuse this teacher should have used. He’d still have a job …..

  13. “The Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals” by Frank Rector is a gripping story of the Holocaust of homosexuals by the Nazis. Included in this horrific story is the recounting of the “Sunday Morning Massacre” where the head of the SS was murdered in his bed, along with the young man with whom he was sleeping. Seems the SS was well populated with homosexuals. It is recounted that upwards of millions of homosexuals or “suspected” homosexuals went to the ovens in the Camps. The PINK triangle was used to ID them!

    1. The Nazis were hypocrites on homosexuality. As you rightly say, there were plenty in their ranks and this is something the ‘far right’ in Britain and elsewhere don’t like being reminded of. Right-wing parties like the BNP, UKIP and the Tories also have plenty homosexuals/bisexuals within but of course they are self-loathing ones.

      It is time they come out of the closet and admitted it.

      As a further example of this, I believe the worst homophobes/biphobes on forums like Stormfront are repressed homosexuals/bisexuals. The level of sheer insanity towards gays/bisexuals on there really has to be seen to be believed. No truely straight bloke obsesses that much about the small percentage of the population that are gay/bisexual.

      I suspect a lot of German gays in that era were attracted to those rather stylish black uniforms designed by Hugo Boss no less! The Hitler Youth were referred to as the ‘Homo Youth’ apparently by many Germans during that time.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Oct 2013, 5:36pm

        Iain Dale said he would out closeted MPs who were having same-sex dalliances while voting against the Marriage Bill. Thus far, he hasn’t come forward with the list of names. One might assume they all voted for the bill but I very much doubt it.

    2. Yes, there were quite a few Nazis who were homosexual or bisexual which is something the ‘far right’ in Britain and in other countries don’t like to be reminded of. Right-wing parties like the BNP, UKIP and the Tories have homosexuals/bisexuals within their ranks but of course they are the self-loathing ones. It is time they came out of the closet!

      I am sure that many of the homophobes/biphobes on Stromfront for instance are self-hating homosexuals/bisexuals as straight men who are confident in their sexuality simply wouldn’t obsess to such an insane degree over the fact that a small percentage of the world’s population is gay/bisexual.

      The SS definitely did attract numerous gays/bisexuals. No doubt that rather stylish uniform designed by Hugo Boss no less did the trick! The Hitler Youth was apparently known as the ‘Homo Youth’ as well in the Germany of that time!

    3. It was not the head of the SS, killed following “the night of the long knives” it was the head of the Brownshirts, or SA. This was a different organisation, and the threat was political rather than sexual.

  14. Francis Gallant 30 Oct 2013, 3:54pm

    If ever I meet up with someone who expresses such stupid ideas in front of me I hope I will be able to keep a firm and calm mind. It’s a best reaction but will I have the power within me? I’d like to ask anyone who thinks like this what is their religion. For example, if they answerd Presbyterian, I would then ask how they would feel if I came out and said that Hitler wasn’t all bad, he killed Presbyterians. (Afterall, he was born Roman Catholic so he would have been justified to persecute any other religion, wouldn’t he?)

  15. who is this creep? and, as a religion teacher, does he represent some religious group within or for the school?

    also, what’s with this toni & guy ad that makes it impossible to read the pink news or write comments. pink news your technology needs a big revamp!!!!!!!!!

  16. Scooter Livingston 30 Oct 2013, 4:47pm

    Sounds like he would be perfect to teach in Texas

  17. Struck off? He should have been strung up? Sounds like he has mental issues … JUST the sort of person you want influencing impressionable minds. Mind you, we allow priests and clergy to do exactly the same ….. handing out equally offensive messages. What’s the difference? Ah yes – the latter are ‘religious’. Maybe the teacher should have used THAT as a defence. He’d probably have got off …..

  18. That There Other David 30 Oct 2013, 7:18pm

    This man should not be employed again in any role that gives him responsibility over children. Just asking the kids if they’d had sex over the weekend would be bad enough. Together with all these other comments it paints a picture of a warped individual, one that certainly can’t be trusted as a teacher.

  19. Kind of scary to think he’d have been exactly the type to have been a Nazi war criminal had he be born in certain other countries some 90 odd years ago – bearing in mind his already existing, self-admitted predilections towards sadistic abuse of others and having power over them as a prison guard. Somehow I don’t think that the pathetic ‘excuse’ that he was just “having a bad day” would have cut any ice at the Nuremburg Trials, though.

  20. soapbubble 31 Oct 2013, 9:10am

    Unbelievable! He could be teaching again in two years! He should be investigated by the police and NEVER be allowed near kids ever again. Piece of poo.

  21. Thia guy sounds like a real certifiable nut case. License to teach s/b suspended for at leas 5 years.

  22. I wonder what he actually DID consider to be Hitler’s bad points. Weak chin ? Ill-considered moustache ?

  23. This idiot needs to be shot, 3 times, in the head to ensure it will not survive. Vile idiot.

  24. postopgirl 31 Oct 2013, 6:15pm

    And people like the Tories wonder why people are concerned about unqualified persons posing as teachers to “teach” in free schools, if this kind of person can slip through the net and express homophobic, ant disability and racist/anti semetic comments to a class of school pupils we as a society have a lot to worry about the prospect of a generation of young people being brain washed by the likes of this guy, all we can say is congratulations to the pupils for not standing for it, there is hope for the next generation after much bad publicity of them in recent times, well done them

  25. Tuesday Wang 19 Nov 2013, 4:09am

    Really, 2 years? How bout, never? I wouldn’t be comfortable with my child being taught by a psycho.

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