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Study: Gonorrhoea cases among HIV positive gay men continue to rise

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Reader comments

  1. 60% of HIV positive men who have sex with men *who are attending STI clinics* have gonorrhoea.

    A slightly (very) skewed sample, I would say. A pressing issue I’m sure, but misrepresented.

  2. Let’s just hope that now that Mr. Partridge is stepping down from heading the THT, whoever steps into his shoes starts to run truly effective campaigns, and that the appallingly high levels of HIV and gonorrhoea infections announced today become a thing of the past.

    Whoever is stepping into the role, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

    First of all, I would suggest knocking THT into shape. Change it from the gravy-train it has been into an organization that becomes effective at what it is supposed to achieve.

  3. I think your headline for this story (‘40% of HIV positive gay men also have gonorrhoea’) is wrong and misleading. The actual study says: “Over a quarter of people with gonorrhoea also had HIV, reaching 40% amongst men who have sex with men (MSM).”
    In other words, 40% of gay men with gonorrhoea also happened to be HIV positive – but that does NOT mean the same thing as saying 40% of all HIV-positive gay men have gonorrhoea. There’s clearly still a problem with gonorrhoea amongst gay men, but I think you might want to look again at that headline.

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