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Stephen Fry shows solidarity with British gay man facing possible jail in Uganda

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  1. lalocura posted this song earlier

    The Honey Cone song “Sunday Morning People”:

    Sunday morning people
    Practise what you preach
    You can’t go to church on Sunday
    And hate your neighbour all week

  2. While all of this is so obviously wrong, a part of me wonders why the hell he stayed there. If these laws became reality in the UK I would be out of here within weeks. It doesn’t make it any better, of course, but I have to wonder why someone would want to live in a country like Uganda in the first place.

    There is a belief that we should just accept the laws of other countries, but I don’t believe this is so when they are in direct opposition to basic Human Rights. This is a Human Rights abuse and no country should just sit back and allow it to happen for nothing more than “respecting” their religiously insane “laws”.

    Just as we have specially trained groups who go into war zones to rescue hostages or practice sabotage, we should have similar groups to go in and extract British citizens being held by abusive regimes under insane laws.

    1. It’s a bit difficult to “extract” people who go willingly to countries and buy property there though, isn’t it? As you say, you can’t help but wonder why he would want to spend even half his year there. As for the whole business of being discovered having porn, unfortunately I don’t really think that can come under the category of human rights (yet).

  3. May the bloodshed of innocence be on the heads and hands of the missionaries that are at fault for this bloodshed.

  4. Does anyone know why he is there? Or if he just moved over there – because if it’s for that reason I wonder why he would move over there with such laws.

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